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Think Tank Media & Advertising MD Taiwo Olukunle talks to Content Nigeria about the upcoming two-day Creative Nigeria Summit taking place in Lagos.

Taiwo Olukunle

The Creative Nigeria Summit (CNS) is an annual event organised by Think Tank Media & Advertising (TTMA) in partnership with the Ministry of Information & Culture.

After the success of the maiden edition, held last year, it is scheduled to hold this year’s summit on July 16 and 17 at the Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos.

The two-day event aims to bring together international and local media professionals to discuss the latest trends and innovations in TV, technology, OTT services and content creation, acquisition and distribution.

Here Taiwo Olukunle, MD of TTMA, tells Gabriella Opara about the summit’s purpose and shares her insights.

This is the second edition of CNS. How different will it be from last year?
This year the focus is on content. Hence the theme, Content: The Future of Nigerian Film and Television in a Digital Era.

What makes CNS different from other conferences?
The aim of the summit is to build a structure that leaves behind a sustainable legacy and puts proper structures in place to develop the creative industry and diversify the Nigerian economy.

What should participants look forward to?
This year’s event promises to be a lot more impactful, as we ceaselessly move to grow the Nigerian creative industry with this gathering of creative minds. Registration is free. Interested participants can register by simply logging on to our website at www.creativenigeria.org.

The Federal Ministry of Information & Culture is in partnership with your company to bring about this event. Tell us more about this collaboration.
The aim of the summit is to build a structure that leaves behind a sustainable legacy. We intend to push this focus as an initiative of the ministry’s efforts to develop the creative industry and diversify the Nigerian economy.

Can you give us some details about the speakers that will be at the conference?
We have taken the time to invite top international speakers from the US, Europe and Asia and, of course, the leading content providers and TV owners in Nigeria as well. These speakers include Mo Abudu, Bada Akintunde Johnson, John Giwa-Amu, Sanjay Salil, Jeff Kalligheri, Avi Armoza and more. [For further information, click here.]

Tell us about TTMA.
We are an independent media planning, media buying creative (traditional and digital) and events management agency, focused on developing and providing world-class services to both local and international clients.

We have a mix of marketing communications professionals with expertise in market research, messaging and project management. We are also specialists in design and digital media deployment, community management, branding, design deployment and online community, publicity and brand perception.

Our core competence lies in online reputation management, public relations and social media expertise. We build brands through a combination of targeted demographics campaigns, high-end designs and precise, pin-point deployment. We design visuals for digital media publicity and tell our clients’ stories through precise, content based engagement strategies.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
The second season of the Creative Nigeria Summit is here. You are invited. See you at the Eko Convention Centre!

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