Channels TV links with Wild Africa Fund

By Content Nigeria reporter
April 26, 2024

Wild Africa Fund CEO Peter Knights pictured in front of a pile of elephant tusks

Nigerian broadcaster Channels Television and non-profit organisation Wild Africa Fund have partnered to raise public awareness of wildlife conservation and combat the illegal wildlife trade.

According to the non-profit organisation, Nigeria has emerged a major transit hub in the illicit wildlife trade in recent years, notably involving pangolin scales and ivory. In the last three years, the Nigeria Customs Service has intercepted about 20,000 kilograms of illegal wildlife products, as well as live endangered species about to be smuggled out of the country.

To educate Nigerians about their environment and to instil a sense of responsibility for preserving the nation’s natural heritage, the collaboration will feature 30-second wildlife-focused content on Channels TV. This content will include public service announcements featuring influential figures from sports, music and business, as well as short documentaries supporting local conservation efforts.

Moreover, the Wild Africa Fund will collaborate closely with Channels TV to enhance the coverage of its weekly environment show, Earthfile. This expansion will include more reporting on biodiversity issues and field trips outside Lagos to document the urgent challenges facing Nigeria’s wildlife and forests.

As part of the partnership, conservation-focused media training will be introduced to enhance the skills of Nigerian journalists at Channels TV’s media training institute in West Africa, the Channels Academy.

John Momoh, chairman and CEO of parent company Channels Media Group, said: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Wild Africa Fund, a pivotal alliance that underscores our commitment to preserving Nigeria’s rich natural heritage.

“By harnessing Channels Television’s expansive reach and Wild Africa Fund’s conservation expertise, we aim to ignite a nationwide movement towards wildlife conservation and curb the illegal wildlife trade. Together, we will bring the wonders of Nigeria’s wildlife and forests into the homes of millions, educating and inspiring action to safeguard these treasures for our future generations.”

Peter Knights, CEO of Wild Africa Fund, added: “Channels TV has a history of environmental coverage and as our environment is under greater pressure than ever before. Together we can amplify this cause.”

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