Vskit unveils talent show Voice to Fame

By Content Nigeria reporter
July 24, 2019


Shortform video-sharing platform Vskit is set to launch Voice to Fame, a show aimed at showcasing emerging talent in Africa.

Voice to Fame will see eight contestants compete against celebrities to win a grand prize of N2m.

Produced by Vskit and StarTimes, the 13-episode series will focus on contestants’ vocal and facial expressions as they lip-synch to re-enact dialogue from classic movies, TV shows and plays.

Sean Shu, Vskit Nigeria’s marketing manager, said: “This is an effort to discover young talent with remarkable vocal skills with the potential to be a star, wherever they exist across Africa. We will continue to develop and deploy varied talent-focused initiatives, training programmes and co-branding campaigns that will create superstars out of budding talent.”

The show will start airing on July 28 on TV channels such as Orisun TV, NTA, ST Yoruba, AreaTen TV, ST Dadin Kowa and other Yoruba channels.

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