Urban Channel starts Looking for Love

By Priscillia Alao
December 11, 2018


African reality show Looking for Love has hit screens in Nigeria.

Produced by BusuMelo Media, the show is filled with romance, suspense, drama and comedy, according to the producers. Each episode sees two strangers – called ‘Love Hopefuls’ in the show – who attempt to find true love by embarking on series of dates to test for compatibility.

The show examines the challenges single people must endure before finding love and trying to make engaging connections in the city of Lagos.

Looking for Love creator Guy Futi said: “Over the years, we have seen all sorts of ideals and tales about finding true love in Nigeria. With Looking for Love Naija, we are capturing that experience and showcasing it, so we can all learn while being entertained.

“The idea is to chronicle the challenges of real people looking for love connections… and, of course, we create a setting to get to know each other quickly. Love Hopefuls enjoy a mix of interpersonal activities from yoga dates, salsa lessons to deep interpersonal questions. They even get a chance to snoop through each other’s phones.”

The show airs on African Magic Urban Channel 153 on DSTV at 21.30.

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