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Soyinka autobiography adapted as film

Nigerian playwright, novelist and poet Wole Soyinka’s autobiography, The Man Died: Prison Notes of Wole Soyinka, is being adapted for the big screen.

Wole Soyinka

First published in 1972, the book explores Soyinka’s experiences in prison during the Nigerian Civil War, after his vocal opposition to the military government’s actions resulted in a 22-month imprisonment. Delving into his harrowing experiences behind bars, it explores themes of survival, perseverance and resilience.

The film adaptation is being produced by Femi Odugbemi and directed by Awam Amkpa. The cast is led by British-Nigerian actor Wale Ojo – best known for movies The Hard Case (1995) and Phone Swap (2012) – playing the role of Soyinka.

Rounding out the cast are Chidi Mokeme, Sam Dede, Norbert Young, Francis Onwochei, Edmond Enabe, Segilola Ogidan, Simileoluwa Hassan and Christiana Oshunniyi.

Ojo said: “Ladies and gentlemen I present to you The Man Died. It was an absolute honour to portray one of the greatest figures in literature that Nigeria has ever produced, as well as a man who has made a huge impact upon the politics and people of his generation.”

The film is being produced by Odugbemi’s Lagos-based production company Zuri24 Media. It will premiere in cinemas this July to coincide with Soyinka’s 90th birthday.

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