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Wives on Strike 3 begins production

The third instalment of Wives on Strike is subtitled The Uprising

Production has begun on the third instalment of Wives on Strike, a socio-political comedy movie franchise produced and directed by Nigerian filmmaker Omoni Oboli.

The first part premiered in 2016. It followed a group of market women who denied their husbands sex in a bid to stir them into standing up for a young girl who had been compelled by her father to marry a man against her will.

In the second part, Wives on Strike: The Revolution, a woman is beaten to death by her husband and her friends gather to take a stand against injustice. The premiere date for the third instalment, Wives on Strike: The Uprising, has yet to be announced.

The franchise stars actors including Uche Jombo, Chioma Ak-potha, Ufuoma McDermott, Hilda Dokubo and Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori.

“I love being behind the camera as a director. My finest moments. I love directing actors and I love creating with my crew,” said Oboli on Instagram.

“I love my crew on Wives on Strike: The Uprising. Every time I’m on set, I always wish I could build an estate and just have all of them live there with their families and we can just be one big happy family and just be working. I can’t promise that but the one thing I can promise is Wives on Strike: The Uprising will have you at the edge of your seat! You can take that to the bank! My hottest project yet! Wives on Strike 3 will shock you pleasantly.”

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