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StarTimes hits 3m subs in Nigeria

China-based pay TV company StarTimes has acknowledged Nigeria as its largest market, after reaching three million subscribers in the country.

William Masy

The company, which operates DTH and DTT platforms, also revealed it has more than 10 million subscribers in the 30 countries in which it operates, but Nigeria makes up its largest market in Africa.

“Nigeria is currently the largest market for our products and services. We currently have three million subscribers in Nigeria,” said William Masy, StarTimes’ PR director.

StarTimes is aiming to build a factory in Nigeria to further establish its presence, he added. “As soon as we are able to secure location rights, we will definitely establish our factory in Nigeria, because Nigeria is our big market,” he said.

“With a global vision, StarTimes began to expand its services to Africa in 2002 and has been working closely with African governments in promoting digitalisation and information.

“StarTimes has introduced more than 480 quality international channels, most popular African channels and Chinese mainstream media channels. These programmes are broadcast in languages including English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Swahili, Hausa and Yoruba.”

StarTimes is a subsidiary of Beijing-based StarTimes Media. It is one of Africa’s leading pay TV operators, active in 30 countries and serving 10 million subscribers. It offers a variety of channels from family entertainment to sports.

The company has recently inked a volume deal with content provider ABS-CBN in the Philippines and added Christian channel LoveWorld Plus to its bouquet.

StarTimes is also working with the Nigerian government to deliver economic growth by promoting digitisation and economic empowerment for Nigeria’s young people.

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StarTimes ‘to help Nigerian youth’

African pay TV platform StarTimes has disclosed that it is working with the Nigerian government to boost economic growth by empowering young people.

William Masy

William Masy, overseas PR director, brand and marketing at StarTimes, disclosed that the Chinese company is promoting digitisation and youth empowerment by working with the Nigerian government in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Masy revealed that the company will offer mentorship and technical programmes for Nigerians.

“Demographic rates are fast increasing and so is the pressure of job creation,” he said. “Our two countries need to work closely to provide the relevant job training opportunities for youth. And we are intending to build our manufacturing base in Nigeria.

Nigeria is “cherished by the Chinese government” due to the countries’ similarities, and China hopes to share “opportunities targeted towards strategic economic growth.”

However, Nigeria’s government could do more to ensure the success of the initiative, according to Masy. “We need favourable policies and it is good that our partnership is yielding positively and we can boast of Nigeria achieving digital migration.”

StarTimes is one of Africa’s leading pay TV companies. It recently acknowledged Nigeria as its largest market, with three million subscribers.

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