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WatsUp TV partners Sony Music

Ghana-based pan-African entertainment channel WatsUp TV has partnered with Sony Music to promote musical artists from across the continent.

ABD Traore

Through the collaboration, WatsUp TV will use its platforms in multiple African countries to promote Ghanaian and other African artists and their work to new audiences.

Watsup TV CEO ABD Traore said: “The deal with Sony Music will give a big push to the works WatsUp TV has embarked on over the years to promote pan-African music content and distribute it across the continent and beyond. Talent affiliated to Sony Music will also get the opportunity to market their work and have the African continent appreciate their craft.”

Jim Donnett, head of PR for Sony Music West Africa, added: “A key component of our operations as a music company is storytelling, and we are confident in WatsUp TV’s ability to help us achieve this objective by reason of their influential status in pan-African entertainment and the many products and networks they have established to support the function of informing audiences far and wide.

“Sony Music will help bridge the gap between the grassroots and the overseas. We are implementing systems in coalition with regulatory bodies, DSPs, telcos, people in fintech, and the media to propound solutions that will contribute to changing the behaviour and pattern of response to product creation, marketing and consumption using home-derived formulas.

“Sony Music’s support will be coming in different tiers and it is expected to create opportunities for African musicians to level up in terms of music cred and brand representation with their colleagues from Western shores.”

WatsUp TV is a 24-hour digital entertainment television channel made for the pan-African bilingual community. Its content airs on various TV channels across Africa through a partnership with France-based satellite TV provider Canal+.

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WatsUp TV expands via Canal+

Pan-African entertainment brand WatsUp TV has struck a partnership with Guinea Eva TV and Burkina Faso’s 3 TV that will see its content air on the Canal+ satellite platform.

Abdoulaye ABD Traore

The deal, aimed at exposing WatsUp TV’s brand to a new market while presenting musicians and music promoters an opportunity to promote their content across the globe, means WatsUp TV content will be available in seven million homes across 40 countries via Canal+/

The WatsUp TV titles that will be produced for a Francophone audience include music countdown show WatsUp TV Playlist, plus It’s Our Time, Fans Tweet Request, Trending News and Hot Jamz.

Abdoulaye ABD Traore, CEO of WatsUp TV, said: “The brand is growing to become a preferred platform for music artists to promote their songs to the whole African continent.”

The shows will air on Evasion TV (channel 241) from July 31 and will be shown on Fridays from 15.00 to 17.00 and Sundays from 00.30 to 02.00.

On 3 TV (channel 254), WatsUp TV will air on Sundays from 17.00 to 18.00. In Ghana, it currently airs daily and weekly on EBN Channel, TV7 and Max TV.

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WatsUp TV counts down to Top 10

Pan-African entertainment brand WatsUp TV is launching a music-focused show called Top 10.

ABD Traore

Top 10 will highlight music videos released in Ghana, Nigeria and other African countries, as well as featuring competitions, interviews with celebrities and music video premieres.

Hosted by Champagne Lee, it will air on Max TV and EBN Channel in Ghana.

ABD Traore, CEO of WatsUp TV, said: “The show will feature various creative games that will give the opportunity to viewers and guests to win gifts from sponsors.”

Other shows under the WatsUp TV brand include Official Show, It’s Our Time, Fans Tweet Request, Trending News and Hot Jamz.

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