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StarTimes, Wakaati line up Ile Alayo series

2013 Nollywood movie Ile Alayo

African pay TV platform StarTimes and Nollywood movie channel Wakaati TV will debut Nigerian actor, director and producer Femi Adebayo’s latest comedy series, Ile Alayo.

Ile Alayo (House of Joy) has been written by Adebayo and is an adaptation of the Nollywood movie of the same name released in 2013. It features characters with conflicting behaviours and attitudes living together.

The cast includes social media comedians Mr Macaroni and Broda Shaggi and actors Mercy Aigbe, Adedimeji Lateef and Adebayo Salami. The cast, 70% of whom were in the original movie, was unveiled at a press conference organised by StarTimes this week.

The series will air on Wakaati TV channel 100 and on StarTimes channel 200. The date for its release has yet to be announced.

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Wakaati TV launches on StarTimes

A new digital television station called Wakaati TV has debuted on pan-African pay TV operator StarTimes.

Olurotimi Akingbogun, MD of the channel’s parent company Wakaati Network, said the move is a bid to reposition video entertainment, online streaming and TV production in Nigeria.

During the launch ceremony for the channel in Lagos, Akingbogun said Wakaati TV will showcase Nollywood blockbuster movies across its platforms.

“I have, over the years, monitored the entertainment industry and e-commerce in Nigeria and I have noticed some relapses. And the best way to correct these shortcomings, to me, is just to establish a firm in that direction. Wakaati TV will leverage on the relapses to forge ahead and make unimaginable impacts in the system. We are going to effect positive changes that will soothe people’s minds and reposition the industry in the right perspective,” said Akingbogun.

“We have good content that we will be showcasing on our digital station. I mean unique and remarkable content that will differentiate us totally from the rest,” Akingbogun said.

Wakaati’s public relations head Henry Awachuo said that audiences were often dismayed at the high number of repeats of movies on the cable stations.

“The company is working at developing cutting-edge television programmes, with imaginative and creative ingenuity and innovation, bearing in mind customers’ satisfaction as a measurement of our performance,” Awachuo added.

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