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Daar boss says NBC fines ‘unjust’

AIT, Raypower and DaarSat owner Daar Communications has claimed that the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) is exploiting its power by fining and shutting down broadcasters.

Tony Akiotu

The NBC recently sanctioned Daar Communications for breaching broadcast codes by airing inciting and provocative comments during one of its programmes. The commission imposed a fine to the tune of N500,000.

According to Daar MD Tony Akiotu, the fines imposed on Daar were “unjust” and all broadcasting carried out by his company constitutes freedom of expression.

He also requested that the commission grant the company permission to begin operations again.

“As a responsible corporate citizen and licensee, we have paid the fines which to all intent and purposes are unjust, unfair and an assault on us. We hereby request that after due diligence by the appropriate officers of the commission and institution of the state, it will eventually be discovered that we were indeed unjustly fined, and the most honourable thing is to appropriately effect the necessary refund and restitution.”

Addressing the issue of inflammatory and partisan comments during Daar programmes, Akiotu said: “As an organisation, we do not bear any hatred for any government nor are we affiliated with, or an appendage of, any institution, political interest or group of persons. Our loyalty is to the people of Nigeria in particular and humanity in general.”

The NBC has yet to respond to Akiotu’s comments.


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