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Tizeti, Microsoft link on Airband initiative

Internet service provider Tizeti and software giant Microsoft have teamed up to boost high-speed internet in Nigeria through the Microsoft Airband Initiative, which focuses on advancing digital equity.

Kendall Ananyi

Set to kick-start in Oyo state, the initiative will see Tizeti and Microsoft leverage their low-cost wireless technologies to make it easier and cheaper for people, especially those in underserved communities, to access the internet and get connected to the digital economy. The Airband initiative supports Microsoft and Tizeti’s shared goal of connecting more people to the internet in a cost-efficient way.

Tizeti CEO Kendall Ananyi said: “This Microsoft Airband collaboration will complement Tizeti’s existing initiative in Oyo state and lay a foundation for a robust and thriving digital ecosystem for the large population of vibrant, young people in Oyo state. We are happy to work with Microsoft on the Airband initiative as it extends our mission of bringing affordable and reliable internet to more Nigerians outside the digital envelope.”

Microsoft Airband general manager Vickie Robinson added: “Communities need reliable, affordable internet access in our increasingly digital world. That’s why Microsoft is working with providers like Tizeti to connect the unconnected, expand opportunity and close the global digital divide.”

This partnership will empower more Nigerians, stimulate economic activity, and widen the broadband envelope in Africa with affordable broadband connectivity, according to the two companies.

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