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Dexterity lines up free DTH platform

The Dexterity Group has announced it will launch its first nationwide free-to-view DTH satellite television service called Freeview Africa in February 2018.

Freeview Africa will initially feature more than 40 channels there are plans to expand this to over 200 in the coming months.

The service will include a diverse range of programming – including entertainment, sports, movies, kids, music, religion, news, ethnic, lifestyle, shopping and educational content – aimed at every member of the family.

“Freeview Africa is expected to become an integral part of the development of digital television in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole by creating an infrastructure that can reach the entire community economically,” said Dexter Akin-Alamu, chairman of The Dexterity Group.

“We want to play an active role to help the government to distribute information, education and entertainment that positively benefits society. Freeview Africa has many channels that can be beneficial to viewers, as well as answering the needs of rural areas which often lose the opportunity to get information and entertainment easily received on television.”

To get the free subscription service, a viewer simply needs to make a one-time purchase of the receiver equipment, which includes a set-top box and a small parabolic antenna at an affordable price, which will be announced soon. The receiver equipment will be available from February nationwide.

Freeview Africa demonstrates the considerable potential of subscription-free TV in Nigeria and aims to deliver affordable entertainment to everyone in both urban and rural areas, said Akin-Alamu.

“The presence of the platform will also largely help people to become more information-literate, to improve the quality of their lives and knowledge. We are very excited about pioneering this exciting and meaningful project,” he added.

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