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SABC launches sports channel

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has launched SABC Sports Channel to provide “compelling and exciting” local and international sporting content.

Gary Rathbone

SABC Sport Channel is available on eMedia’s free-to-air satellite platform OpenView 124, TelkomONE’s mobile platform and the SABC’s digital terrestrial television (DTT) service.

The move comes after the network’s soft launch via the same platforms in April. The channel also has a YouTube presence.

Gary Rathbone, general manager of SABC Sport, said the South African public broadcaster had always been the ultimate sporting home for the country’s sports fans.

“Through the events we showcase on the SABC platforms, we want to inspire up-and-coming athletes in the various sporting disciplines to reach for their dreams,” Rathbone said.

“Our newly launched sports channel on the DTT, OpenView and TelkomOne platforms, must also be commended. Since the channel became operational in April this year, its audience figures have been positive, with the latest TAMS figure showing a total reach of over two million, a 5% share of the national television market.

“On OpenView alone, the channel has established itself amongst the top 10 on the bouquet, with a total reach of over 1.4 million, representing a 24% share of the OpenView market. This is really positive start for an exciting new Sport Channel that South Africans will be able to access without needing to pay a subscription.”

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Telkom readies streaming platform

South African telecommunications company Telkom will launch a streaming platform called TelkomONE next month.

Wanda Mkhize

The service will host a variety of South African content, from music and education titles to TV series. Customers will be able to choose from daily, weekly and monthly subscription packages.

Wanda Mkhize of Telkom’s smart home and content division said: “TelkomONE is a proudly local and South African service and naturally we want to host and showcase outstanding content by producers from our very own shores, including filmmakers, videographers, writers and directors.”

Mkhize added that the telco was looking for fresh creators to contribute content in the following genres: comedy, lifestyle and ‘mobivela’ – telenovelas for mobile.

“We have created a competition under the hashtag #OpenUpTheIndustry where such content producers wishing to be noticed can enter for an amazing opportunity to not only win cash prizes to assist them with their content production, but to also have their final body of work featured on our platform for viewing by our audience.

“#OpenUpTheIndustry is open to both amateur and professional content producers. The submissions will be available on TelkomONE after curation for South Africans to view.”

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