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Take Back the Mic readies format

New digital media platform Take Back the Mic is set to launch an African TV music competition format.

Derrick N Ashong

The platform has been built by Derrick N Ashong, founder and CEO of AMP Global Technologies, whose digital series The World Cup of Hip Hop will evolve into what the company claims is the first multiplatform TV format born on the African continent.

The Mic: Africa aims to connect African music, arts and culture with a new generation of fans worldwide, highlight African talent and bring communities together to celebrate the global impact of hip-hop culture. The show will air from early December, with a finale on January 3.

Fans have used the Take Back The Mic app to select 18 semi-finalists among young artists from Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Mauritius. Click here to view the semi-finalists.

Ashong said: “For a long time, I’ve wanted to build a digital media ecosystem that allows content creators to own their narrative and connect directly with their fans around the world. But I never imagined it would be a global pandemic that would finally prove the case that culture knows no borders.

“Hip-hop culture is global youth culture, and people around the world have embraced, transformed and made it their own. At the same time, we’ve seen a generational uprising demanding justice from the US to the UK; from Colombia to Nigeria, and hip-hop culture has provided the soundtrack to this movement for change.

“With The Mic: Africa, we are amplifying the voices of young creatives with something to say to a world that may finally be ready to listen.

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