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Amuta to adapt Emodi novel Swindle

Nigerian filmmaker James Amuta (Nightfall in Lagos, Collision Course) is adapting Swindle, a novel by Zuby Emodi, as a film.

Published last year, Swindle tells a story about scams in the banking industry, switching between the past and the present.

Amuta said: “Screen adaptation loading! This amazing novel by my friend and brother Zuby Emodi has totally captivated me. It presents a new challenge and an exciting journey into a world I’ve always wanted to make a film about.

“It reminds me of a screenplay I’d written. And the prospect of turning these pages into pictures is something I’ve become passionately committed to. Congratulations Zuby Emodi for this amazing novel. I can totally visualise it.”

Further details of the production have yet to be revealed.

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