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Arise Media unveils global streamer

African media and luxury brand Arise Media Group has launched a streaming service called Ariseplay.

According to the company, Ariseplay is an entertainment platform designed for a global audience looking for “exciting, sharp and sagacious viewing choices” that are not available elsewhere.

The company has accrued US$100m seed funding raised through venture capital firms to launch the service. It has partnered with Sony Pictures, FilmOne and other studios to deliver behind-the-scene interviews in the run-up to the release of new movies.

Ariseplay can be accessed via the website or you can download the app on iOS, Google and Apple platforms.

Ariseplay brand and marketing lead Sakina Renneye, told Arise News: “This distinctive streaming service will be combined with linear channels in the UK, Europe and Africa which will enable the unparalleled delivery of hundreds of titles in different categories that include blockbusters, TV series, kids’ programming, comedy, live entertainment, as well as the best in fashion, music and much more. Ariseplay will be home entertainment like you’ve never seen it before.

“The Ariseplay App has been designed using best-in-class algorithms and AI technology that will automatically determine the options that suit each subscriber’s profile, alert them when there is new content, provide special playback options and optimised viewing to limit the amount of data required to stream. We are also offering a 30-day free trial to give our subscribers a chance to experience the magic.”

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