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Silverbird, Integral partner on EPL matches

Entertainment channel Silverbird TV has agreed a sub-licence deal with Integral, the free-to-air rights holder for the English Premier League in Nigeria, to broadcast live matches from the 2020/21 season.

Silverbird will air one of the 3pm fixtures each Saturday on its free-to-air channel and will also show a handful of Premier League-produced magazine programmes weekly. The channel can be viewed terrestrially on StarTimes Channel 109 and UHF 23.

Abimbola Ilo, MD of Integral, said: “We are once again pleased to be bringing the excitement of the English Premier League closer to its fans in Nigeria. Silverbird is an entertaining television station watched by millions of Nigerians and it’s only right that the most entertaining football league in the world is added to its roster. With the Premier League’s popularity in Nigeria, this is yet another opportunity for its passionate fans to get exciting up-to-date content on free-to-air TV.”

Bola Salako, the chief operating officer of Silverbird Communications, added: “We at Silverbird are excited at the opportunity to avail our numerous viewers across Nigeria with select premium football matches from the most exciting league in the world: the English Premier League. Silverbird TV is primarily a family entertainment-oriented channel and it is quintessential for us to ensure that our viewers get the best of every appropriate programming genre.

“Sports is a major part of our content offering, and football in particular, as the acclaimed ‘king of sports’ holds particular appeal to a large section of our target demographic. And with the new Premier League season on the horizon we are looking forward to team up with Integral on this exciting new project of bringing premium sporting content to mass numbers of Nigerian viewers.”

Integral, which secured its rights in a sub-license deal from the Infront Sports & Media agency, the substantive rights holder for FTA distribution in Sub-Saharan Africa, currently has a similar deal with national broadcaster NTA.

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Script2Screen star

Anita Abada spoke to Content Nigeria’s Gabriella Opara about her experiences on reality show Script2Screen, being named the best scriptwriter and her plans for the future.

Anita Abada is a tenacious and vibrant lady with a flair for weaving stories together that pop on-screen.

Hailing from the South-South region of Nigeria, Abada followed her dreams of becoming a screenwriter after graduating from the University of Benin. In pursuit of those dreams, she decided to participate in the Script2Screen Africa reality TV show.

Abada spoke to Content Nigeria’s Gabriella Opara about her experiences on Script2Screen, being named the best scriptwriter on the show and her plans.

Anita Abada

What led you to participate in Script2Screen Africa?
I am enthusiastic about filmmaking but most especially using filmmaking as a tool to address social ills. When I stumbled on Script2Screen Africa’s audition posters, the theme – Film as a Catalyst for Revolution – caught my attention and I really wanted to be a part of that movement because I share in the vision and wanted my voice to be heard.

How has the experience been so far?
It was educative and intriguing. There was a lot to learn from every activity and mentor that was invited to the house.

Who was your favourite mentor?
This is a very tough question, I must say. Every mentor that graced the Script2Screen Africa house had something unique to offer. Though we spent more time with some than others, and we grew fond of those we saw on a regular basis, every mentor there had something essential we could tap from their well of knowledge.

You were named the best screenwriter. What helped you achieve this?
Two words: hard work and grace.

Team work was an essential part of the show. How did you cope with working with others under pressure?
I believe a team thrives better when it works in unity, and that was exactly what my team capitalised on. Everyone respected one another’s opinions and ensured the priority was executing our project and not individual differences.

Who was your favourite team member to work with?
Everyone in Group 3 was amazing and pivotal to every project.

You and your team worked together to produce a short film. Tell us about it.
Working on our last short film, The Catalyst, wasn’t an easy task. We had our ups and downs, but we focused on our strength and ensured we gave the project our best shot. In the end, we were glad we were able to put together such amazing work in just 48 hours.

What was the inspiration behind it?
Just like the Script2Screen Africa tag – Film as a Catalyst for Revolution – there was a need to address social ills and bring them to the consciousness of the public.

What have you been up to since the finale of the show?
I am still following my passion for movies and writing. I see to the daily running of my co-founded website – Afri Reviews (www.afrireviews.com), an all-African movie review platform – and I also work as an independent screenwriter.

What is the secret to a good script?
Every scriptwriter should have a unique style and be unapologetic about it. Be creative about the way you tell your stories.

Tell us something unique about yourself.
I am a scriptwriter who explores the use of diverse languages in storytelling. I am passionate about telling the African story in a unique and colourful way.

Script2Screen Africa is an annual reality TV show produced by High Definition Film Studios (HDFS), which aims to train aspiring filmmakers.

Anita Abada was among 60 participants who took part in the seventh edition, which aired from March 24 to April 21 on Silverbird TV, Africa Movie Channel, Wazobia, WazobiaMax TV and AIT.

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Silverbird lines up AfriDocs migration films

Nigeria’s Silverbird TV is to air a series of migration- and immigration-focused films that were originally launched by free documentary streamer AfriDocs.


When Paul Came Over the Sea, My Escape, Days of Hope, Revenir, Those Who Jump and Aji Bi, Under the Clock Tower will all air on Silverbird over the next two weekends.

AfriDocs has made the films available with support from the German Foreign Office in order to reach out to migrants and all those interested in migration so that they can be well informed and make better decisions.

Told from an African perspective, the docs have already aired across the continent,  opening up debate around the traditional narrative surrounding migration.

When Paul Came Over the Sea will air tomorrow. It follows a man named Paul’s attempt to cross the Mediterranean and enter Germany, highlighting the obstacles he faces along the way. It also sees filmmaker Jakob Preuss having to choose between his duties as a documentarian and helping Paul achieve his goal.

Elke Sasse’s My Escape will also air tomorrow. The film focuses on how refugees use mobile phones to aid their journey. It also features footage showing of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea trying to escape in a broken boat, leading to their rescue by another boat.

Days of Hope, from Dittte Haarlov Johnsen, will air on Sunday. The doc brings together the stories of three immigrants travelling from Africa to Europe.

The other three films will air next weekend. Playing on Saturday January 26 will be Revenir (Return). The doc is a joint effort between filmmaker David Fedele and Ivory Coast-born political refugee Kumut Imesh, who lives in France. It sees Imesh retrace his journey to Europe, 10 years after he originally completed it.

Those Who Jump, by Moritz Sebert, will air on the same Saturday. This film tells the story of African migrants hoping to get into Spain from Morocco.

Aji Bi, Under the Clock Tower, from Raja Saddiki, will play next Sunday. It follows a small community of Senegalese women who live and work in Casablanca, showing their struggle to survive in Morocco and their attempts to cross to Europe.

All these films can already be streamed on AfriDocs, which is touted as the only free streaming platform in Africa that offers documentaries focused on the African voice.

Viewers are encouraged to share any experience they may have regarding migration via social media, using the hashtag #MigrantStories.

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Tele-shopping service Shopex TV to launch

Response Architects, a new multi-channel retailer that sells innovative products for everyday life, is to launch the first international TV shopping business in Nigeria.

Isi Abebe

Shopex TV is Nigeria’s first international tele-shopping platform and is positioned to give Nigerians direct access to leading products from the global market.

It has completed its first round of financing with investment from television shopping and broadcasting advisors Expert Media Partners (EMP) based in London and is the exclusive distributor in Africa.

With television as its main channel to market, this platform is offering Nigerians a range of products they can buy at prices they can afford. The launch will kick-start with a TV campaign featuring an infomercial on December 1 to showcase one of its leading products, the Copper Chef pan.

This TV campaign will run in partnership with DStv, EbonyLife TV, TVC and Silverbird TV. Viewers will be able to place their orders for the product by calling dedicated numbers and will receive their order the next day.

Shopex TV was founded by Isi Abebe, MD of Response Architects Marketing, who worked as head of media planning and strategy in one of the biggest TV shopping companies in the UK.

“We’re excited about this project, having observed Nigeria’s logistics and payment platforms mature over the years. We’re confident that we can make it work and we have a line-up of great products and offers from across the globe that we believe will appeal to the Nigerian market,” said Abebe.

Ed Hall, managing partner at EMP, said: “We have worked on complex broadcast projects in Nigeria since 2003, and we have developed plans for television shopping in East and West Africa in the past. We are delighted that with Isi and Shopex we saw for the first time an experienced and credible management team, and we are very happy to be early-stage investors in this business.”

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Africa says I do to Wedding Channel

Wedding Channel Africa will air such shows as Barroom Therapy

Africa’s first wedding-focused channel has been launched, providing wedding-related content 24 hours a day.

Wedding Channel Africa promises viewers an array of programmes that will focus on lifestyle, fashion and everything in between linked to weddings.

Content from the channel will also occupy slots on other TV networks, including EbonyLife TV, AIT, Silverbird TV, Fame TV and Ben TV.

Shows broadcasting exclusively on Wedding Channel Africa include Barroom Therapy, Wedding Police and 5 Years After.

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Superstory joins Silverbird TV

An award-winning drama described as Nigeria’s most watched TV series has been made available on the Silverbird TV (STV) network.

Wale Adenuga Jnr

Superstory airs on Thursdays at 21.00 on the terrestrial network across the cities of Lagos, Bayelsa, Port Harcourt, Benin, Abuja, Jos and Awka.

Wale Adenuga Jnr, MD at Superstory producer Wale Adenuga Productions (WAP), said: “Our company has entertained millions of families across Nigeria for several decades and one of the things that has made this possible is our continued effort to listen to feedback and satisfy the desires of all stakeholders.

“Hence, the expansion of Superstory to STV is in line with innumerable requests from audience members across Nigeria, as well as several advertisers who have supported Superstory over the years.”

As well as the STV deal, Superstory still airs on DStv Channel 252; StarTimes 109; GOtv 92 and 192; PlayTV 804; NTA; and WapTV.

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Muslimah Style Guide returns for S2

A weekly style show devoted to celebrating brands that cater to the fashion needs of Muslim women in Nigeria has returned to television screens for a second season.

Oyinkansola Momoh

The Muslimah Style Guide show launched in 2018 and is supported by Halal investment company Lotus Capital.

The show is hosted by Oyinkansola Momoh, who runs Muslimah Style Guide Ltd, Nigeria’s only style consulting company for Muslim women, which shares fashion and beauty tips.

Season two now airs on DStv channel 252, StarTimes channel 109, GOtv channel 92/192, PlayTV channel 804 and STV on Fridays by 5.30pm.

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