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Otabor, Heatfactory tackle trafficking

Otabor Television and Heatfactory ICI Productions have partnered with the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) to make a movie aimed at combatting human trafficking.

Dame Julie Okah-Donli

Pillars of Africa will look at the issue of human trafficking as it affects the world but specifically Africa. In an effort to educate the public on the problem, NAPTIP director general Dame Julie Okah-Donli urged everyone to report any human trafficking cases they stumble on.

“The story of the travails that victims of human trafficking go through cannot be told enough. We always seek for ways to bring the story to Nigeria and beyond, with the aim of raising awareness and preventing incidences of trafficking,” she said.

Ikechukwu Mac Innocent, head of Heatfactory ICI Productions and Otabor TV, agreed that the collaboration would help deal with illegal activities and atrocities. He urged organisations and international bodies to protect African children.

Heatfactory is behind movies such as Deep Blue Sea and Diana’s Verdict, while Silverbird Film Distribution is attached to distribute Pillars of Africa. NAPTIP has previously worked with Wale Adenuga Productions to produce the TV series Itohan.

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StarTimes brings Chinese toon to Nigeria

African pay TV platform StarTimes is partnering with a Chinese production company to release an animated film and series in Nigeria.

Minglang Production animated movie Travel With The Wind

StarTimes has linked up with Minglang Production, based in Hangzhou, China, to release Travel With The Wind next year.

At the screening of a promo for the movie at Ozone Cinema in Lagos, Rosana George Hart, business manager at Silverbird Film Distribution, said: “Minglang Production has been promoting Travel with the Wind in big film markets around the world, aiming to enhance cultural exchange and promote international friendship.

“Knowing full well that Nigeria has the most robust film market in Africa, Minglang decided to publicise the animated movie here while hoping to maintain a long-lasting partnership with Silverbird Group.

“The movie is all about happiness. We know how our society is right now and if there is one thing we should be preaching to our children it is basically happiness and friendship.”

Wang Jin, head of StarTimes TV in Nigeria, said: “StarTimes is a Chinese cable TV company, so we are ready to partner Minglang Production, another Chinese company, in showcasing our rich culture and tradition through Travel with the Wind and other films.”

Other animated films produced by Minglang Production include Legend of West Lake, New Tunnel Warfare and Legend of Tang. StarTimes is a Chinese multinational media company with strong presence in African pay TV.

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