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Grow TV launches African channel

Grow TV will be available via Roku and Amazon Fire TV

US television channel Grow TV has announced the launch of an online network targeting African American children as well as those in the African diaspora.

The Grow TV channel is aimed at cultural diversity within children’s education and entertainment. The aim is to allow black children to build self-esteem and self-worth, a key component of which will come from them seeing positive representations of themselves on television over the course of their lives.

Grow TV exec Jesse Jacobs said: “Representation matters, especially for our children, and there are very few educational and entertainment TV shows for children of colour in the United States.

“Despite there being so many African Americans in the population, no one has created a channel specifically dedicated to African American children’s content. And now, in particular, when the country is dealing with such racial and political discord, children can clearly see the differences in how black protestors and white protestors are treated.

“Grow TV is looking to create an abundance of programming, in addition to promoting equality in the imagery portrayed on children’s television. Doing so will build upon the content that already exists sporadically on platforms such as YouTube, as Grow TV will serve as a unified place for audiences to watch African American children’s content. Most of our children learn from television. We need more educational programming for them.”

Grow TV has signed licensing deals with prodco Sepia Works to provide Callaloo TV, as well as with animation house Inway Studios for Bex Adventures.

“The company’s existing partnerships provide the ability to reach more than 69 million viewers. Most American households no longer subscribe to cable, but many are electing to subscribe to streaming services such as Roku and Amazon TV. Grow TV is in the midst of negotiations with additional content providers, and plans to expand its launch to Apple TV once those contracts are solidified, projected on or before March 1,” said Jacobs.

“Grow TV is currently courting additional partners. We eventually will be partnering with other smart TV streaming platforms. We anticipate in a few short years internet TV streaming services will replace traditional television. Now is the time to join us.”

The channel is available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

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