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Isong takes African initiative to Houston

Nigerian filmmaker Emem Isong, whose movie credits include Special Jollof, Code of Silence and Emotional Crack, has brought an African film industry initiative to Houston, Texas.

Emem Isong

The Royal Arts African Centre is a Nigerian government-backed institution that began in Lagos. It offers courses in various aspects of the film industry and recognises talent in acting, screenwriting, directing, editing, costume design and cinematography.

At same time, Isong has launched The African Cultural Film Festival, aka AFFRICUFF, which will also take place in Houston. The film festival is intended to be a vibrant showcase of African cinema, presented annually and featuring diverse perspectives and stories from across the continent. It is due to be held from October 26 to 29 this year.

AFFRICUFF said: “Our vision is to be a global black-and-proud platform celebrating African culture through films, telling its own stories, exalting the values that set us apart, challenging stereotypes and opening the windows of deeper understanding into the richness of our cultural heritage.”

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