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Rave TV makes debuts on SuperTV

Lagos-based interactive entertainment network Rave TV has launched on Nigerian zero-data streaming platform SuperTV.

Ijeoma Onah

With more than 25 live TV channels already streaming on the SuperTV app, subscribers will be able to watch Rave TV on their devices and access content at an affordable price with just airtime rather than data costs, according to the companies.

“As a technology company that offers zero-data streaming, we also want to ensure that our subscribers have a wide range of quality entertainment while giving our partners a platform to monetise their content,” said Ijeoma Onah, acting CEO and director of content strategy and acquisitions at SuperTV

“SuperTV is glad to have Rave TV on board as one of our partners and we are positive that their authentic youth-focused content will bring both entertainment and value to our subscribers.”

Rave TV CEO Agatha Amata said: “We are particularly excited about this strategic partnership with SuperTV because our upwardly mobile, youthful audience can now easily access and watch Rave TV on their mobile devices at zero data cost. This is most certainly a win for us as we pride ourselves in our interactive and engaging programming time belts of participatory live and recorded shows.”

According to SuperTV, the partnership promises to bring entertainment to its own subscribers and a new audience for Rave TV, and will open up new and additional revenue opportunities for all parties involved.

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NITV puts revenues in spotlight

L-R: Agatha Amata, Heidi Huy, Paul Igwe, Ijeoma Onah and Ana Ballo

Producers deliberated on the issue of revenues at the recently concluded Nigeria International Television (NITV) Summit.

A plenary, attended by many TV industry producers, addressed the topic of What Producers Want: The Battle For Revenues & Justifying Production Investments.

Speakers included TV presenter and Rave TV CEO Agatha Amata, EMCOAN president Paul Igwe, EbonyLife TV’s head of programming Heidi Huys and Ana Ballo, CEO of RTI Distribution. The session was moderated by Ijeoma Onah, founder of NITV and sister event Nigeria International Film Summit.

Speaking about producers’ expectations and how the industry often falls short of them, Amata said that new producers in Nigeria must have a side business in order to sustain their work.

“Producers should stick to their day jobs because if the content holders don’t get their channels picked they can go back to the beginning,” she said.

However, according to Huys, producers can ensure growth in business and increase in revenue with the right strategy. “Budgets ever only go one way and that is down. Therefore, to remain sustainable you must realise that creating content is not about all you love but what your market likes,” she said.

“Learn to know what appeals to them, prepare content based on that and success is ensured because people will go out of their way to seek your content.

“Your decision to produce as a producer should always be dependent on demand, if you want to make it in this country, otherwise you will be left hanging. The problem is that when we produce we don’t have people in mind, we just produce and that’s not right,” said Igwe.

The panel agreed that it is hard to develop content in Nigeria and expect full returns because there are no records, no favourable policies from the government and hardly any support.

“In Nigeria, we have no data. We do not have facts that support our information because there are no templates to operate on,” said Amata.

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Rave TV holds Kidz Got Moves auditions

Nigerian interactive entertainment network Rave TV is to host auditions for dance reality show Kidz Got Moves this week.

Agatha Amata

Under-16s with dancing talent can audition from September 27 to 29 at the Rave TV studio in Ilupeju, Lagos.

Rave is on the lookout for children who have what it takes to make the earth move with their dance moves.

The winner will be awarded the sum of N500,000 (US$1,375) while the second and third positions will go home with N300,000 and N200,000 respectively.

Registration for participation is ongoing and can be accessed by clicking here.

Rave TV is owned by TV personality Agatha Amata and can be found on StarTimes channel 125 and GOtv channel 113.

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Rave marks anniversary with football match

Nigerian entertainment network Rave TV has celebrated its fourth anniversary with a football match against news channel TVC.

Rave TV launched on August 8, 2014, and has marked each of its anniversaries with activities such as football and basketball games, health walks and masterclasses.

This time, Rave staff took on TVC in a friendly football match, which the news network ending up winning.

A representative from Rave TV said the game, which took place on Wednesday, was a good way for staff to let their hair down.

A TVC rep added: “As much as we all are journalists, sometimes partaking in sports can be a good way to stay on top of the game. And yes, it was nice to come out as the winning team too.”

Rave TV is owned by TV personality Agatha Amata. It airs on TV platforms including StarTimes, Play TV, GOtv and DSTV.

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