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The man behind Pophub

Nigerian media entrepreneur Yinka Obebe is behind plans for a new creative content hub in Lagos. He told Content Nigeria about the new venture.

Yinka Obebe

Pophub Lagos is billed as the first physical space for content creators in Nigeria and is designed to provide the required facilities, studios and conducive environment for the country’s next generation of content creators.

Founded by creative and media entrepreneur Yinka Obebe, the Pophub Lagos brand will be developed and built across various development stages to become a pop culture content creators’ platform, according to the entrepreneur.

Obebe already has PopcentralTV, the television arm of his parent company Popcentral, but he intends Pophub Lagos to the experience and creators’ hub of Popcentral. Pophub is described as “a melting pot for creators. The best of creative minds all over the country converge here. Fitted with studios, lounges, workstations and a kitchen.”

Obebe tells Content Nigeria: “At Popcentral, we want young people to be able to express themselves through content. Pop culture has never been better defined than it is now in the age of social media, where everyone can put forward their culture and subculture in content. So we want to create a platform where that is possible across social, experiential and television.

“PopcentralTV is the TV channel and Pophub Lagos is the physical space designed to enable collaboration, creative expression and engagement. The essence of Popcentral is to curate culture through content, while Pophub Lagos provides the meeting point and enablement required to create content and connect with creatives and brands.

“Popcentral lives on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and every other social space where we can engage creators. We also just got a new apartment in the pay TV world of DSTV and GOTV.”

The Popcentral brand is set to launch TV channels on both those platforms, he continues, and the channels will curate content for entertainment, brand stories and messaging. The company is currently testing TV signals and Obebe says he’s looking forward to launching soon.

Pophub Lagos is calling for content creators to send a brief about their ideas to [email protected], after which a presentation will be scheduled.

Obebe adds: “We essentially want to co-create with creators. And as long as they are still thinking up new ideas then we are here; we keep listening to them and optimising the platforms and channels for them.

“We have studios and all the gear you need. We can, in fact, co-create with you even if you are outside Nigeria. We can receive your feed anytime and from anywhere in the world through your mobile phone.

“We have a number of purpose-built studios, a multi-set lounge studio for various shows, from news and talkshows to discussions. We also have a shop studio designed for our teleshopping show. We also have a kitchen studio, one of its kind, designed for interaction and competition and purpose-built. There are other spaces for co-creation, like the green pad, the creators lounge and the outdoor work station we have dubbed the Metal Forest.

“Popcentral is a multi-fold expression that lives in the social space, experience and television. I want creators to understand that it’s a space that helps them bring ideas to life – content and anything else you want to make.”

Obebe is a brand builder who founded media agency Redbox Africa in 2010, where he was CEO and creative director, working extensively with brands across telecommunication, banking, television and FMCGS to create communication, experience, identity, stories and commercials in Nigeria and across other African countries. He currently serves as CEO at Popcentral.

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