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Kwesé returns to Jabu’s Jungle

A fourth season of Jabu’s Jungle is already in the works

African Animated kids’ TV series Jabu’s Jungle is set to enter its third season on African broadcaster Kwese TV.

Produced by South African production company Pixcomm and distributed by Irish company Monster Entertainment, Jabu’s Jungle will be in production on its fourth run while its third season airs on Kwese.

The show’s second season is currently broadcast every weekday at 10.30 on Kwese’s children’s channel Kwese Kids. It is an animated kids adventure series with an African perspective and was commissioned by SABC in South Africa.

Jabu’s Jungle aired its first season in 2016 and has since been aired in 22 African countries, including Nigeria, through Kwese, a subsidiary of Econet Media. As well as Kwese, the show has been licensed to Africa Channel and Africa on Demand.

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