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Nigerian book Tosin’s Story made into film

Tosin’s Story, an anti-corruption storybook written by Nigerian author Onyinye Ough (Emeka’s Money), has been adapted into an animated film and will premiere on May 3.

The cover image from the Tosin’s Story book

From Lagos-based cartoon studio Basement Animation, the film addresses corruption in media and the impact of ‘brown envelope’ journalism. It follows young reporter Tosin, who looks out for her local community. When disaster hits their town, she’s sure to remind everyone that if there’s a story out there, she will find it.

The film celebrates journalists who go in search of the truth and make it public regardless of the consequences. Tosin’s Story will debut on Pineapple TV, an African channel aimed at kids, via YouTube, Ayoba and StarTimes.

The news was announced by activist group Step Up for Social Development & Empowerment in Nigeria (aka Step Up Nigeria), which said: “We have a new animation! Guess what? Our third anti-corruption storybook, Tosin’s Story, will be coming out soon as an animation in conjunction with Pineapple TV. The incredible team at Basement Animation has worked so hard to bring us this moment and now it’s here.”

Ough’s other children’s books, Emeka’s Money and Halima’s Vote, have already been adapted into animated films, with the latter winning Best International Film at the Toronto Animation Arts Festival International last year.

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Pineapple TV launches in Nigeria

Kids’ and family channel Pineapple TV has been launched in Nigeria via StarTimes.

Aimed at children aged four to 16, the African channel makes use of stories and characters to inform, educate and entertain local and diaspora viewers.

Pineapple TV marketing director Yetunde Falade said the launch “ensures the company fulfils another of its mandates, which is generating opportunities for professionals within this sector of the Nigeria Creative Industry, for example, script writers, animators, actors and directors to name a few, thereby contributing positively to the Nigerian economy through job creations and involvement of locally selected talents and content production.”

Ashionye Raccah, Nigerian actor and host of Pineapple TV cooking show Cool Kids Cook, added: “It is vital that the African child is exposed to safe and quality programmes which educate and entertain. The result will manifest in a more informed, educated, aware, open-minded and confident adult.”

Pineapple TV can be found on StarTimes channel 129.

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