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Omoni Oboli unveils YouTube channel

Nollywood actor and producer Omoni Oboli (Moms at War, The Wedding Party 2) is launching a YouTube channel called Omoni Oboli TV.

Omoni Oboli

The channel is gearing up to premiere several movies, including Another You, Twisted and The One Who Stole My Heart, later this month.

“We started planning and shooting movies for YouTube at the end of 2019 and then Covid happened and the world went upside down,” Oboli wrote on social media. “Somehow, we lost that dream but we picked it up again this year and, to God be the glory, we are ready! So many movies already completed and ready for you!

“The Quality! Story! Acting! Sound design, colour grading… You will wonder why I released it on YouTube! The truth is, over the years, a lot of my amazing family have felt marginalised when my movies go to the cinemas or the screening giants cos they don’t have access. Now I’m making content just for you our amazing YouTube lovers.”

Oboli has written several screenplays, including The Figurine (2009), Anchor Baby (2010), Fatal Imagination, Being Mrs Elliott, The First Lady and Wives on Strike (2016). In 2018, she starred in and directed the comedy film Moms at War.

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