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Stephanie Linus talks up Nollycasting

Award-winning Nollywood actress, producer and director Stephanie Linus (Make Me Fabulous, Sitanda) has been named as brand ambassador for casting website Nollycasting.

Stephanie Linus

Nollycasting describes itself as the first Africa-based casting website for film, TV, videos and commercials. Its aim is to bring together aspiring and raw talents who can be hired by professionals.

Linus said: “People often ask me questions about how to get roles in acting and other jobs in the entertainment industry. I’m glad I can now tell them about Nollycasting, where they can connect with the right people who need their skills. It also saves time and money for producers and casting directors, as they can now get all the talents they need in one place.”

Linus has won several awards – including Reel Awards and Africa Movie Academy Awards – and has credits in movies such as Sitanda, Nnenda, Boonville Redemption and Make Me Fabulous.

Nollycasting is currently seeking people who are interested in acting, voiceovers, modelling, comedy and commercials.

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