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BBC Africa debuts Covid-19 updates

The Breakdown

BBC Africa, which delivers pan-African content in indigenous languages, has launched a weekly Covid-19 TV programme called The Breakdown as well as the bitesize Africa Coronavirus Minute.

The Breakdown is presented by Sharon Machira and will reveal what African governments are doing, what lockdown cost entails, relevant health information, answers from experts on the myths surrounding the pandemic and quarantine tips showcasing the ways people are coping while in quarantine.

The Coronavirus Minute will air twice daily, providing updates in the form of short bite-sized audio content. This is in addition to the Covid-19 video bulletins that are available across the BBC’s 12 language services for Africa.

The new launches are aimed at providing audiences across Africa and globally with the latest updates on the pandemic as it moves through the continent.

Nisha Kapur, head of TV commissioning for Africa at the BBC, says: “With the amount of information and disinformation around Covid-19, audiences can turn to The Breakdown for factual, accurate and engaging content on what is actually happening and what they can do. The Breakdown brings the best of BBC Africa all in one place.”

Mary Lusiba, the BBC’s head of Africa business development, added: “At a critical time such as this, audiences seek out trusted and reliable news and information. BBC Africa is making every effort to offer audiences unrivalled news and information on the impact, implications and solutions around the corona pandemic in Africa across radio, TV and online through our vast partner network.”

BBC Africa is also hosting a number of Facebook live specials in English, Swahili and Somali that address topics such as how the virus has affected Africa and financing healthcare in Africa.

BBC Africa ensures a pan-African approach to the output, offering audiences opportunities to join the global conversation and has teams based in London and across sub-Saharan Africa.

In Nigeria, the service airs on Silverbird TV, Silverbird News 24, Wazobia TV, TVC News, ABS TV, NTA Network and on other channels.

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BBC shares The She Word across Africa

The She Word focuses on the experiences of women in Africa

A new pan-African female-focused discussion programme, titled The She Word, has been launched by the BBC.

The new show aims to focus specifically on the experiences that women in Africa go through. It will portray real stories in an unbiased manner and also try to answer difficult questions that bother African women.

Adesuwa Onyenokwe

It will also provide answers to questions related to gender stereotypes and what makes an African woman unique, and also explore how successful female entrepreneurs are in today’s world.

These stories will be heard via live broadcasts, discussions with the panelists and also through films.

The panelists on the show include Adesuwa Onyenokwe, editor-in-chief of TW Magazine; BBC journalist Adesuwa Onyenokwe; business reporters Sharon Machira and Ingrid Nantege; columnist Valentine Njoroge; and Ethiopian poet Christine Yohannes.

Nisha Kapur, BBC commissioning editor, said: “For the first time an international broadcaster is offering a pan-African discussion programme targeted specifically at African women.

“Each edition will be hosted by a number of contributors across Africa – key influencers within their community and business. The common thread that links them is their fascinating stories and observations about life which everyone – women and men – can relate to.”

In Nigeria, The She Word airs on Sundays on TVC at 15.00 and on Fridays on ABS Anambra at 16.30. It is also broadcast by channels in Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zambia.

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BBC asks What’s New? in Africa

The BBC has launched a weekly TV programme for young people in Africa via the BBC World Service.

Debula Kemoli and Ben Hunte

What’s New? is aimed at 11- to 16-year-olds and seeks to keep young people up to date with what’s happening in the world they live in.

The show will feature regular segments that explore a current news story, an interview with a famous figure in the news that week and a piece with a young person discussing their own life.

It will also aim to help the audience distinguish between trustworthy news stories and sources, and fake content that is being shared online.

Co-presented by BBC News reporters Debula Kemoli and Ben Hunte, it will be presented from an immersive virtual studio with stories illustrated using virtual reality technology.

Nisha Kapur, BBC commissioning editor, said: “What’s New? is for and about young people across Africa. It gives them the chance to find out more about the world in a fresh and energetic way.”

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BBC opens Africa Eye

The BBC World Service (BBCWS) has launched a new TV documentary strand, with the first episode focusing on the pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria.

Africa Eye will promote investigative journalism across Africa, reporting on issues affecting countries across the continent.

Its programmes are available on BBC Africa, YouTube and BBC Pidgin, and form part of the BBC’s commitment to invest in original content for Africa in English, French, Swahili and Hausa as part of the expansion of BBCWS.

The first episode of Africa Eye, titled Sweet Sweet Codeine, focuses on Nigerians addicted to a form of cough syrup and how senior figures at some pharmaceutical companies allegedly aid the black market in its illegal distribution. This episode was coproduced by Africa Eye and BBC Pidgin.

Adejuwon Soyinka, editor of BBC Pidgin, who went undercover for the episode, said: “It’s shocking what we found and how much of an epidemic cough syrup abuse has become in Nigeria. Equally shocking is the sheer size of the criminal network involved in the illicit trade”

The episode reported that Emzor Pharmaceuticals had suspended the distribution of cough syrup containing codeine and dismissed one of its sales representatives after discovering that the employee was trading the opiate to the black market. The company is now carrying out an internal investigation and the Nigerian government has since suspended the sale of codeine-based cough syrup.

Speaking about the programme, Nisha Kapur, commissioning editor for TV at BBCWS, said: “Africa Eye will promote the culture of investigative journalism across Africa and strengthen the skills of African investigative journalists.

“All of the programmes will be based on in-depth reporting that holds power to account. They will tackle topics that are of intense interest and concern to audiences in Africa. These reports will be produced in a fresh and contemporary style that resonates with young audiences.”

Africa Eye will feature about 20 original, high-impact investigations across Africa every year. Each episode will 30 minutes to an hour long and will be aired on BBCWS platforms.

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