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NIFS seeks content buyers

Those interested in purchasing Nigerian content are being encouraged to attend the buyers’ screening at next month’s Nigerian International Film Summit (NIFS).

The event, being held from September 3 to 5 in Lagos, is seeking people who want to buy, license, acquire, aggregate or commission Nigerian content including films, telenovelas, cooking shows, formats and  documentaries.

As well as screening some of the best Nigerian shows, the event will also give buyers the chance to meet independent producers and close deals.

To register, click here.

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NIFS seeks participation grant applicants

Independent Nigerian producers have been invited to apply for a grant to participate in this September’s Nigerian International Film Summit and TV week.

This year’s event is themed ‘Producing with Nigeria.’ According to its organisers, it offers an opportunity for executive producers or producers who have either released a box-office film in Nigeria or have produced a film festival within or outside the country to reposition themselves globally and gain exposure.

Focusing on building capacity for the film industry, the Lagos summit will focus on areas such as international script development and pitching essentials; international standards of audio and post-production; film finance and investment; and scaling up production quality and values.

Producers looking to apply for the participation grant should click here. Registration closes on August 8, with the event taking place from September 3 to 5.

In preparation for the Nigerian International Film Summit and TV week which comes up from 3rd to 5th of September in Lagos, independent Nigerian producers have the opportunity to apply for the participation grant.

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NIFS 2019 challenge, registration open

The 2019 Nigerian International Film Summit (NIFS) is set to be held in Lagos from September 3 to 5, following the theme ‘Developing and creating original and appealing content for Africa and beyond.’

This year’s event will be an opportunity for people to connect with TV and film executives as well as network and do business together. It will also explore the Nigerian film and TV content business landscape.

Those interested in attending should register at www.nifsummit.com before June 30.

In addition, film producers and current or past students of any film school also have the opportunity to be part of NIFS 2019.

By taking part in the NIFS challenge, they stand to enjoy benefits including a free badge to the Film Business 101 Summit, free access to the opening days of NIFS and NITV 2019 and an upgrade to the Executive Gold Badge at half the regular fee.

To be part of this, send a message with the link to one of your movies via Instagram (@nifsummit), including your full names and email address. Re-post your entry to their feed @NIFS. Tag 20 film lovers you know in the comment section and ask them to like your post on their feed and to follow them.

The first 10 producers to complete the steps will win the challenge, which ends on May 31.

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Abidjan Film Summit to spotlight Nigeria

Nigeria will be the country of honour at Cote d’Ivoire’s Abidjan Film Summit, taking place on May 28 at the city’s Pullman Hotel.

The event is being organised by RTI Distribution to help boost the Cote d’Ivoire film industry and also look for ways creative producers can be supported by a structured source of financing.

The Summit, which aims to bring together key players in the TV and film industry, will look at copyright and private sector financing for movie and TV production.

To attend, register by clicking here.

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LA set to host Nigerian film summit

The next Nigerian International Film Summit (NIFS) is set to take place at the Sierra ballroom in the Marina Del Rey Marriot hotel in Los Angeles on November 3-4.

Ijeoma Onah

The two-day event is themed Local Meets Global Demand and will comprise business discussions, panel sessions, networking receptions and numerous speakers who have expertise in various fields.

The main focus of this summit is to critically examine the problems associated with the film business in Nigeria and how it compares to the distribution of Hollywood movies in Nigeria, as well as the Nollywood appeal for international distribution across territories.

The event will also discuss the possibilities, challenges and opportunities surrounding the business of film in Nigeria for international distributors and film investors and how Nollywood is meeting international standards.

Speakers at the event will include Stephanie Linus, CEO of Next Page Productions; Emem Isong, CEO of the Royal Arts Academy; Ken Attoh, CEO of Sparrow Productions; Marie Longai, founder of Restless Global; and Francis Nebot, founder of iFind Distribution.

Also on the speaker list are Fela Oke, founder of Flu3nt; Kene Okwuosa, MD of Filmhouse Cinemas; Craig Shurn, CEO of Part Two Media; Richard Signieski, CEO of Blue Sky; Moses Babatope, MD of Filmone Distribution; and Adedayo Thomas, exec director at the Nigerian Films & Video Censors Board.

Topics to be discussed include Understanding Nigeria Film Business: Facts and figures; Coproducing and Financing with Nigeria; Production Values: How Far Can Nigerian Films Travel? Opportunities and Limitations; and Understanding Theatrical Distribution and Exhibition Opportunities with Nigeria.

“It’s another time to talk less and do more in using our success stories to position the Nigerian Film Industry at the global film business map, attract Investment into the ecosystem and explore every opportunity for increased revenue for Nigerian Independent producers,” said Ijeoma Onah, founder of NIFS.

“So it’s action time. Let’s move forward, let’s use our collective efforts to showcase the huge potentials of film business in Nigeria.”

NIFS is an industry body designed to enable business-driven conversations on the bourgeoning film industry in Nigeria. It is for all those involved already or interested in the business of film in Nigeria.

Content Nigeria is among NIFS’s media partners.

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