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NCC seizes satellite decoders

The Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) has seized MultiChoice  satellite TV equipment from unauthorised dealers in Nigeria’s Delta State.

The NCC has confiscated the equipment worth over N30m in the region in response to a petition presented in May.

According to the commission, the suspects were in unlawful possession of 97 decoders, 180,000 meters of coaxial cable and 850 boosters.

They were apprehended at Udumurhue Road, off PTI Road; Alegbor Road, Odion Road, off Dawodu; Odion Road extension, Okere Market Road, Welfare Road, off Lower Erejuwa; Odibo Street, off lower Erejuwa; Giwa-Amun Street and Roberts Road, off Okere.

In a statement, the NCC said it carried out the raid on June 22 when its national headquarters was informed by people in the area that offenders were “racking up Multichoice Nigeria decoders” and selling them to “unsuspecting customers” for N1,000 each.

It added that such criminal acts cost the country N20bn in revenue each year.

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NTA, NCC campaign against piracy

The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) have linked up to launch a copyright awareness and enforcement campaign in a bid to stamp out broadcast piracy.

Ibn Muhammed

The news was revealed during the visit of the director general of the NCC, John Asein, to the NTA’s headquarters in Abuja.

The NCC acknowledged the contribution of the creative industries to Nigeria’s socio-economic development and also celebrated copyright owners.

Asein urged the NTA to imbibe a culture of respect for copyright in Nigeria and to educate people to instill zero tolerance for piracy in Nigeria.

He said: “The NCC and NTA would work together to do an intellectual property audit of NTA rights and the NCC would intensify its enforcement measures to shut down the copyright infringement outlets in unauthorised hotels, TV stations and airports, among many others.”

According to the DG of NTA, Ibn Muhammed: “Piracy will decrease with more public enlightenment and the NTA will support the NCC in its campaign to educate Nigerians on the values of respect for copyright and the legal implications of the piracy of protected creative works.”

He added that the NTA will partner with the NCC to secure its assets across the country and also ensure that an improved broadcasting environment is created and regulated by Nigeria’s laws.

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