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Channels TV exec expects bright future

Ladi Akeredolu-Ale at the Nigerian International Film & TV Summit

Ladi Akeredolu-Ale, controller of current affairs at Channels TV, remains optimistic about the Nigerian broadcaster’s future in the age of digital transition, attendees at the Nigerian International Film & TV Summit (NIFS) heard this week.

Akeredolu-Ale spoke about the Nigerian TV industry’s outlook during a session hosted by Ijeoma Onah, founder of NIFS and CEO of Super TV.

Asked how prepared Channels TV is for the digital migration, Akeredolu-Ale said: “The business will be affected but we hope it won’t affect it negatively. We see lots of opportunities here. For example, if you are talking about the TV business, you are talking about income. There are multiple income streams in this convergence, like what we have started doing in the business of podcasting.

“Lots of people want to see things, while others want to hear them. With all the convergence that has occurred in our environment, radio is still the most popular medium of communication across the country.

“The challenge here is how do you attract that kind of audience to this platform? It is still a work in progress and we are looking at it more consciously because it involves significant investment.”

Akeredolu-Ale added that Channels TV wants to create podcasts in indigenious languages that will be beneficial to people. The exec said he sees this as an opportunity because if people can easily get health-related information in a language or format that is easy to access, they will subscribe. “And each time that person comes back on the basis of satisfaction with the previous experience, it’s good for your bottom line and makes you more relevant to their day-to-day life,” he said.

Onah also asked Akeredolu-Ale about the future of monetisation in traditional TV and whether will Channels TV be able to sustain itself amid digital disruption. Akeredolu-Ale responded by saying legacy players are also able to target specific audiences they might not have been able to in the past.

“Channels TV used to think of itself as an ABC station but the vast population is in the DE segment. It has been a challenge to get them to engage and let them know the relevance of engaging. But with this disruption, you have an opportunity to target them specifically. The information is still the same but the mode of communication is different,” he said.

The issue of traditional media ensuring truthful information in the digital age was also raised. “Take a deep breath, look at the information over and over again, identify loopholes, cross check information and finally run checks on what you have gathered,” Akeredolu-Ale advised.

They key topic at this year’s NIFS was the so-called streaming wars, and the implications for the future of content monetisation for film and TV content. The event was held from August 29 to September 1 in Lagos.

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African toons, movies screened at NIFS

Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya’s Kiliwe: The Time Bender

The three-day Nigerian International Film & TV Summit (NIFS) concluded with screenings of an array of local movies and content in different styles and genres at the Genesis Deluxe Cinema in Maryland, Lagos.

The film screenings included Body & Soul, which consists of six short films: Finding Jomijo, Soul Beats, Flight Plans, Imoles, Against the Wind and The Journey to Paradise.

Also on the list were Nigerian animated film Halima’s Vote, Spoof Animations’ 2D animated series Hero Corps, Biodun Stephen’s movie Sista, and the African remake of the classic Cinderella story, Tarella.

Others included Sham by Christian Ochiagha, Clarence Peters’ Inside Life, Ovie vs Wale by Lagos-based animation house Orange VFX Studios, Kiliwe: The Time Bender by Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya, Strike Guard by Spoof Animation, Skelebe by Quadron Studios, Voyager, Ami, The Exchange by Omoyefe Majoroh, and Spoof Animation’s Ajaka Lost in Rome.

The NIFS organisers said: “It’s so amazing and encouraging to see all that is happening with respect to our African content.”

The screenings were organised and sponsored by the French Embassy in Nigeria and Animation Nigeria.

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Opara calls for relevant content at NIFS

Dr Ngozi Opara, dean of the School of Media & Communication at the Pan-Atlantic University of Lagos, spoke about the need to produce relevant content at the Nigerian International Film & TV Summit (NIFS) this week.

Dr Ngozi Opara at NIFS

“For us as marketers and content producers, we need to pay attention to the type of content we produce and the implications of this content to the world, because whatever happens may affect us in one way or the other,” she said.

She stressed the fact that in the communication and digital era, changes are occurring every day and there is a need to know the kind of content to give your audience.

“The internet has changed how information is consumed and people are keying into these changes and adapting their business models. How can we improve the kind of content we give consumers, because they should no longer be taken for granted,” she said.

“With the ever-increasing devices and platforms, we can understand how consumers get the most value out of the content we produce.

“Our audiences choose how to consume content, you don’t force them to. For you to succeed, you have to use a content format that allows them to use their different devices.

She spoke about the effects of disruptions on people and the importance of technology which can extend the possibilities of man.

“Digital disruptions describes the change that happens when digital technology, services,and capabilities affect and change the value of the industry’s existing services and goods,” she added.

Understanding the place of digital disruptions means that things are changing that can affect content produced in a good or bad way, she said. Disruption should be an opportunity for us to move with the times.

“Disruption should be based on innovation that will help us create morals and ethics needed to promote human dignity. We should produce responsible content and consumption that will leave the world better than we find it,” she concluded.

NIFS, founded by SuperTV CEO Ijeoma Onah, took place this week in Lagos, Nigeria.

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NIFS 2022 to focus on Streaming Wars

This year’s Nigerian International Film & TV Summit (NIFS), which is taking place in Lagos from August 29 to September 1, will have a particular focus on the so-called Streaming Wars.

Ijeoma Onah

The event aims to enlighten people about the industry and create opportunities for people to network and connect to grow the sector. The theme for 2022’s edition is ‘Streaming Wars: The implications on future of content monetisation for film and TV content,’ referring to the huge increase of direct-to-consumer services over the past couple of years.

Discussions will address the challenges, solutions and opportunities that currently exist in film and TV.

NIFS has also partnered with Animation Nigeria and the French Embassy to present the Animation Focus Session. This will address issues surrounding investment in Nigerian animation and spotlight the achievements of the Nigerian animation industry for financiers and investors.

Keynote speakers include John Momoh, chairman of Channels Media Group; Ayanna Lonian, director of content acquisition and head of WW major studio licensing strategy at Amazon Prime Video; Bola Atta, executive producer at Lagos-based online network RedTV; and Ope Ajayi, chairman of the Cinemas Exhibitor Association of Nigeria.

Also speaking at NIFS are are Joy Odiete, president/CEO at Blue Pictures Distribution; Femi Odugbemi, founder/executive at Zuri 24 Media; Obi Emelonye, filmmaker at The Nollywood Factory; Adedayo Thomas, CEO of the National Film & Video Censors Board; Moses Babatope, MD of FilmOne Entertainment; Obi Asika, CEO of Cabal entertainment; Biodun Stephen, filmmaker at Shutterspeed Projects; and Jade Osiberu, founder of GREOH Studios.

There will also be a scriptwriting session called UK-Nigeria Scriptwriting Workshop, in partnership with the British Film Institute, aimed at giving writers the opportunity to hone their craft and make connections with other writers.

NIFS founder and SuperTV CEO Ijeoma Onah said: “The three-day NIFS event will provide the perfect platform to tackle critical industry issues, make connections and chart a defined course for the film and TV business as the streaming wars unfold across the Nigerian film and media landscape.”

For more info and to register, click here.

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NIFS 2022 opens for registrations

Registrations have opened for this year’s Nigerian International Film and TV Summit (NIFS), which will follow the theme Streaming Wars: The implications on future of content monetisation for film and TV content.

Ijeoma Onah

The event, to be held in Lagos from August 31 to September 2, aims to drive conversations about the business of film and television, help reposition local businesses and drive international collaborations.

Anyone interested in attending can register here.

Ijeoma Onah, founder of NIFS, said on Instagram: “As registration opens today for the 2022 Nigerian International Film and TV Summit, we remain committed to building capacity for the industry by providing opportunity for industry execs to converge, network and drive conversations focusing on the business of film and TV.

“Most importantly, as individuals and organisations continue to drive the changes needed with little or no support structures or institutional support as we see in other climes, we must remain focused in achieving our main objective, which is taking industries that were built with little or no support global.”

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LA set to host Nigerian film summit

The next Nigerian International Film Summit (NIFS) is set to take place at the Sierra ballroom in the Marina Del Rey Marriot hotel in Los Angeles on November 3-4.

Ijeoma Onah

The two-day event is themed Local Meets Global Demand and will comprise business discussions, panel sessions, networking receptions and numerous speakers who have expertise in various fields.

The main focus of this summit is to critically examine the problems associated with the film business in Nigeria and how it compares to the distribution of Hollywood movies in Nigeria, as well as the Nollywood appeal for international distribution across territories.

The event will also discuss the possibilities, challenges and opportunities surrounding the business of film in Nigeria for international distributors and film investors and how Nollywood is meeting international standards.

Speakers at the event will include Stephanie Linus, CEO of Next Page Productions; Emem Isong, CEO of the Royal Arts Academy; Ken Attoh, CEO of Sparrow Productions; Marie Longai, founder of Restless Global; and Francis Nebot, founder of iFind Distribution.

Also on the speaker list are Fela Oke, founder of Flu3nt; Kene Okwuosa, MD of Filmhouse Cinemas; Craig Shurn, CEO of Part Two Media; Richard Signieski, CEO of Blue Sky; Moses Babatope, MD of Filmone Distribution; and Adedayo Thomas, exec director at the Nigerian Films & Video Censors Board.

Topics to be discussed include Understanding Nigeria Film Business: Facts and figures; Coproducing and Financing with Nigeria; Production Values: How Far Can Nigerian Films Travel? Opportunities and Limitations; and Understanding Theatrical Distribution and Exhibition Opportunities with Nigeria.

“It’s another time to talk less and do more in using our success stories to position the Nigerian Film Industry at the global film business map, attract Investment into the ecosystem and explore every opportunity for increased revenue for Nigerian Independent producers,” said Ijeoma Onah, founder of NIFS.

“So it’s action time. Let’s move forward, let’s use our collective efforts to showcase the huge potentials of film business in Nigeria.”

NIFS is an industry body designed to enable business-driven conversations on the bourgeoning film industry in Nigeria. It is for all those involved already or interested in the business of film in Nigeria.

Content Nigeria is among NIFS’s media partners.

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Mace, Zee unveil Indian format

Nigerian agency Mace Entertainment and broadcaster Zee World have held a press screening for Deceptive Measures, their Nigerian adaptation of an Indian scripted format.

Mike Godson

The show runs to 104 half-hour episodes and is the first local version of successful Indian drama Pavitra Rishta.

The cast and crew come from Nigeria and the show was shot in Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.

The new show will star Nollywood actor Mike Godson who signed a deal with Bollywood producers last year to feature in an English-language TV series on Zee World, the South Africa-based Bollywood channel.

He later met Rani Rajesh, director of Spectrum Film in Indonesia, Ijeoma Onah, founder of NIFS and Manoj Jagtiani, Mace Entertainment’s CEO, and Deceptive Measures was launched.

The show will air soon but the exact date has not yet been announced.

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