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Funmi Iyanda returns with Public Eye Live

Talkshow host and veteran broadcaster Funmi Iyanda is back with a new live Instagram show called Public Eye Live.

The aim of the show is to have conversations about the Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdown, its effects on crime, conspiracies, the economy, our health system and more.

Iyanda will have conversations with professionals and lawmakers about the pandemic in an attempt to find answers.

She said: “The question is, what happened? I don’t think anyone has an answer. For the first time in modern history, something has happened to put the world at a standstill. We are being forced to question who we are, how we live, how we want to go on and how we got where we are today. This is an opportunity to begin to have hardcore conversations by asking the right questions of the right people.”

Iyanda, who took a career break a few years ago, began in television by producing and presenting Good Morning Nigeria, a breakfast magazine television show that focused on the injustices suffered by Nigerians. She also produced and hosted the successful and transformative New Dawn in 2000, a show that tackled many social issues.

Public Eye Live is on every Friday on Instagram Live at 8pm.

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