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StarTimes creates Islamic pop-up channel

Pay TV operator StarTimes has unveiled an Islamic pop-up channel for Ramadan, named Ibādah TV.

During Ramadan, which lasts until May 23, Muslims abstain from food and drink during daylight hours for a month while concentrating on prayer, charity and reading from the Qur’an.

StarTimes said in a statement: “The channel will provide high-quality content such as Muslim prayer, lectures, documentaries and interviews for Muslim subscribers all over Nigeria, while helping them conduct their fast, fulfilling the need for worship among Muslim audiences.”

Ibādah TV will broadcast for one month and will engage subscribers fully with Islam-centric programmes.

Its programmes will include Usiqaa, featuring the latest Islamic music videos from both within and outside Nigeria; Salat, a call-to-prayer show designed to prompt people to pray five times daily; and a vox pop programme engaging people in discussion on the streets and in mosques and also interviewing Islamic dignitaries.

The channel is available on DTT channel 451 and DTH channel 369.

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