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AIT Music+ ‘to put Nigeria on the map’

Mursty Adinoyi, CEO of Emrose Adinoyi Productions, has said he plans to showcase the beauty of Africa with his new show AIT Music+.

Mursty Adinoyi

The Nigerian entertainment industry owes its development to Lagos-based satellite TV station Africa Independent Television (AIT), he claimed, adding that with AIT Music+, more stars will be created and different aspects of the media industry will be impacted.

Artists with quality content can have their music videos aired for free on the show, he explained. “We don’t take money to play music videos. If your video is good, we’ll play it, and nobody will ask you for one naira,” he said.

AIT Music+, which launched in December 2017, is in its second season and is gaining rapid viewership and ad review due to the quality of the programme, Adinoyi said.

He claimed the show is fast becoming a viewers’ favourite and he ensures it stays that way by using state-of-the-art production equipment that makes the programme “world-class”.

“Virtually everybody in Nigeria keeps saying their brands are international. So what’s actually ‘international’ about AIT Music+? Is it international just because it’s showing in Europe? No. It’s the quality of what we’re giving. Look at the standard. It’s the best thing to happen to Africa. It’s the best right now in Nigeria, representing Africa in Europe.”

Adinonyi emphasised the importance of the production process, saying: “As producers, we are discovering, creating and promoting stars. But we need to do more and create more stars, because if you develop a single person, that person too will develop another and the chain reaction will lead to the development of so many people. So, that to me is a way to develop Africa. And why TV is important to develop Nigeria is that people look at it and do what they see on screen.”

He also suggested that producers should not take advantage of broadcasting companies by misusing airtime or not paying their debts. “Initially, stations were not asking anybody to pay for airtime. But because independent producers kept abusing the opportunity and owing the stations, the management of the stations also began to tighten up. If you’re owing someone, when you have the money make the payment.”

Adinoyi is also the producer and presenter of Hitlist N Cruzin, an entertainment show that has aired on TVC for 11 years.

AIT Music+ airs every weekday on AIT International from 16.30 to 17.30.

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