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Globacom, Eutelsat sign broadband deal

Lagos-based telecommunications and TV company Globacom and European satellite operator Eutelsat have signed a multi-year wholesale capacity deal to bring satellite broadband to underserved areas of Nigeria.

Rodolphe Belmer

Through the partnership, Conpetro-owned Globacom will be able to deliver high-speed broadband to businesses and communities in unconnected and underserved areas throughout Nigeria via the Eutelsat Konnect satellite.

Globacom, founded in 2003 by Nigerian billionaire and company chairman Mike Adenuga, is the second largest network operator in Nigeria, with more than 45 million subscribers. The company recently launched mobile television service Glo TV.

Rodolphe Belmer, CEO of Eutelsat, said: “We are honoured to have been selected by Globacom, one of the leading telecommunications operators in Africa’s most populous market, to extend the reach of its services. This agreement illustrates the unparalleled resources of our powerful Eutelsat Konnect satellite to satisfy the strong demand for connectivity in underserved regions throughout the African continent.”

“We are delighted to add satellite services to our portfolio, leveraging the state-of-the art Eutelsat Konnect satellite to extend connectivity to even far-flung areas in Nigeria, in line with our mission to build Africa’s biggest and best telecommunications network. The infrastructure will complement our Glo 1 submarine cable and extensive fibre optic layout across the country,” added Adenuga.

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Globacom unveils mobile TV service

Lagos-based telecommunications company Globacom, owned by Nigerian billionaire Michael Adenuga, has launched a mobile television service called Glo TV.

During the launch event, which took place at the company’s headquarters in Lagos this week, it was claimed that Glo TV would overhaul the television landscape in Nigeria, as it will beam highly sought-after TV content to millions of subscribers via their desktop-based and handheld devices.

Powered by the Glo 4G technology, the new TV service will bring engaging, interactive and premium entertainment content through a rich bouquet of offerings, Globacom said.

“Glo TV will offer hundreds of live entertainment programmes, music, documentary, news, original shows, fashion, lifestyle, kiddies’ interest channels and over 1,000 videos as the company continues to partner with content providers to address the needs of more customers across social strata,” Globacom said in a statement.

“This first-of-its-kind mobile TV initiative will offer the best premium all-round entertainment, news and sports content and is set to become Nigeria’s one-stop entertainment destination. We are confident that with the launch of Glo TV, our network will cater to the content preferences of Nigerians across different socioeconomic groups and offer them an exclusive opportunity to experience the best-in-class TV content.”

The company added that Glo TV users will also have access to movie channels including Nolly Africa, African Movie Channel and Legacy Network; factual channels CGTN and RT Documentary; news networks Aljazeera and France24; as well as children’s channels such as ZooMoo, English Club TV and Lollykids.

Globacom has more than 54 million mobile customers, making it the second largest mobile operator in Nigeria. The company, which also operates in Ghana and Benin, is owned by Adenuga, the third richest person in Africa.

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NATCOMS calls on Multichoice over billing

Pay TV company MultiChoice has been urged by the National Association of Telecommunications Subscribers of Nigeria (NATCOMS) to introduce pay-as-you-view billing.

Deolu Ogunbanjo

The president of NATCOMS, Deolu Ogunbanjo, gave the advice during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos.

He said that despite the fact MTN began per-second billing in South Africa in 2003, it claimed it was impossible in Nigeria. Because of that, cases were filed by NATCOMS against MTN, prompting Globacom to opt for per-second billing.

Likewise, Ogunbanjo felt it was unfortunate Multichoice said it was impossible to offer pay-as-you-view in the country and that the same services should be applicable to any satellite company that wants to operate in Nigeria.

“The question is, ‘Is pay-as-you-view available in South Africa, where Multichoice originated?’ That we have to find out before we start to fight,” he said.

“So let us do some research. If we can see any country where pay-as-you-view billing is currently used, then we will challenge Multichoice to also give us the service. Let them find the software that will ensure pay-as-you-view billing, otherwise we will boycott them.”

Although MultiChoice had earlier stated it would not operate the pay-per-view tariff system in Nigeria despite demands for it, NATCOMS will only do what the Consumer Protection Council has requested from Multichoice concerning its services, he added.

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