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Pay TV in focus at NITV

Emeka Mba, Bamidele Adetunji, Funmi Adenaike, Zachary Wazara & Lindsey Oliver

The first panel session at the Nigeria International Television (NITV) Summit focused on the challenges and opportunities facing the country’s pay TV industry.

Addressing the issue of sustainability and growth in the pay TV business in Nigeria, panelists discussed the challenges and ways in which these can be overcome.

Panelists included Funmi Adenaike, general manager of Play TV; Emeka Mba, former NBC director general and now CEO of Questechmedia Consulting; Bamidele Adetunji, CEO at Montage Media Group; and Zachary Wazara, CEO of Kwese TV. The session was moderated by Lindsey Oliver, CEO of Yanga TV.

The conversation kicked off with an evaluation of the industry as a whole and how it has evolved so far. Panelists agreed that rapid development of technology poses a challenge for pay TV platforms.

“The internet is changing consumer behaviour and business models,” said Wazara.

Meanwhile, despite agreeing that other industries are threatening the growth of the TV industry, Adetunji stated that the challenge to sustainability is a lack of proper recording technology and archiving.

“There was time I wanted to produce an epic Nigerian movie but was told it was unavailable because a recording had been done over the master recording, which basically means it no longer exists.

“And this leads me to ask, who has the rights to TV series like [classic Nigerian drama] Village Headmaster? Where are our formats? Where are our records? There are no local formats, yet international formats still exist,” said Adetunji.

Addressing the issue of telcos encroaching on the TV industry, Mba stated: “There are no level playing fields in an industry that is hugely dependent on technology and data to operate.”

Buttressing his point, Adenaike added: “There are enormous challenges in the industry and some pay TV companies are forced to deliver certain kinds of content because they are working with what is available, which is not much.”

Speaking about the way forward, Adetunji suggested that Nigeria should establish a commercial satellite platform so local pay TV channels don’t have to form partnerships with international satellites and pay “astronomical” amounts to air content. This is especially true when consumers do not understand a pay TV channel’s need for high prices because all they want is content at a low cost.

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Play signs up latest ambassador

Nigerian musician Olamide Adedeji, also known as Baddosneh, will be joining Play TV as a brand ambassador, the cable network has announced.

Olamide Adedeji (second from left) has signed an endorsement deal with Play TV

Adedeji was named as the network’s latest ambassador this week when he signed an endorsement deal with Play.

Funmi Adenaike, general manager of Play TV, said: “Olamide is a brand loyal to local content in Nigeria. He is someone who encourages people to live their dreams and that is what Play TV is about. We care about local content that can compete anywhere in the world; this is why we have aligned ourselves with Olamide.”

Adedeji commended Play for its commitment to the creative industry in Nigeria. “I would like to thank Play TV for choosing to work with me and bring me onboard for this project. For me, this is a ground-breaking move. It’s a major thing for Nigeria. It’s a major thing for Africa,” he said.

When asked what content he has planned for Play TV, he said: “I won’t let the cat out of the bag. That’s our selling point.”

Adedeji was welcomed by staff of Play and other Play TV ambassadors, including TV presenter Labi Olayori and Nollywood actress Adediwura Adesegha (aka Blarkgold).

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Akaugo TV launches on Play

A new television channel has been introduced by pay TV platform Play TV, titled Akaugo TV.

Akaugo is a premium lifestyle and entertainment channel that features everything in the Igbo language.

Shows on the new network include Oge Isi Nri, a cookery series hosted by renowned event planner Ijeoma Okonkwo. This show is meant to empower viewers on the techniques of cooking and also demonstrate how fun and inspiring cooking can be.

Ochiedike Akaugo – translated to mean Akaugo Legend – is a show that features award-winning individuals who are still relevant in the entertainment industry. Each episode reveals their works and experiences.

Funmi Adenaike

Ngozi Ka Esi Ebindu, meanwhile, is a lifestyle show hosted by Grace Essien. It informs and educates viewers on fashion trends and lifestyles.

Another series, O Na-Ewe Abuo follows the love stories of couples in an attempt to educate viewers on trust, good relationships and values. Breakfast on Akaugo is a morning show that airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This segment features guest interviews.

Funmi Adenaike, general manager of Play TV, said: “The channel is unique because it is not your regular movie channel, it is your go-to Igbo channel for entertainment, information and lifestyle.”

Akaugo TV can be found on Channel 323.

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Women in TV: Funmi Adenaike

“I am always excited about learning and it doesn’t matter who is doing the teaching. As a leader, it’s a major responsibility on your shoulders to practice the behaviour you want others to follow.”
Funmi Adenaike

Concluding Content Nigeria’s month-long celebration of women in the Nigerian TV business, we profile Funmi Adenaike, general manager of Play TV.

Funmi Adenaike

Over the years since she launched her career in media, Funmi Adenaike has proven to be a dedicated, tenacious go-getter who pushes boundaries in everything she does.

Beginning her career as a relations manager at First City Monument Bank, despite obtaining a degree in law, Adenaike veered into the media industry few months later. She started working at Hi Media, acting as the channels acquisition manager for its subsidiary Hi TV.

After spending five years at the now defunct company, Adenaike joined Cellcast as business development manager and ensured the smooth sailing of the company by helping it to acquire content.

In 2013, after two years at Cellcast, she joined Africa Media Distribution (AMD), continuing her career as a business development and content acquisition manager. Her law degree was put to use at AMD when she became part of the firm’s legal department.

In 2015, Adenaike joined Continental Satellite (ConSat), becoming its channel manager. When ConSat rebranded as Play TV last year, she was named general manager of the pay TV company.

Through sheer hard work, dedication and love for what she does, Adenaike is helping to put Play TV on the map by focusing on indigenous channels, which include: Irawo, 1 Comedy, HFA TV and VOTS.

Adenaike believes passion is the key to remaining dedicated to whatever one does. When true passion is felt, she says, one instinctively finds ways to nurture it and ensure that whatever they do yields results.

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Irawo unveils Yoruba movie show

Pay platform Play TV’s channel Irawo has launched a show that celebrates Yoruba movies.

Sinima Mi, which debuted on January 22, focuses on the cast and crew who work in films made for the Yoruba community and looks behind the scenes during production.

The programme is hosted by Adeshina Kasali, better known as Medullar, and will air on Saturdays at 18.30, with a weekly broadcast on Tuesday at 19.00.

Funmi Adenaike, general manager of Play TV, said: “Premiering Sinima Mi is part of our commitment to provide global content that reflects the lives and aspirations of our viewers. We are looking forward to launching more and more exclusive global shows on Play TV.”

Sinima Mi was created by ArtsBeat Media and produced in partnership with Play TV. Irawo can be found at Channel 300.

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Yoruba net launches on Play TV

Cable platform Play TV has added a 24-hour Yoruba entertainment network to its channel line-up.

Irawo can be found on channel 300

Irawo – meaning ‘star’ in the Yoruba language – is now airing exclusively on the pay TV platform’s channel 300.

Described as “a bridge between the young and old Yoruba audience,” the channel showcases movies, music, entertainment and lifestyle, and is has a high level of indigenous content and entertainment.

Irawo debuts with programming such as CookSpot, hosted by popular Nollywood actress Arewa, who brings guests into her home to cook their favorite meals.

There’s also Oko Ataya, dedicated to couples and the sensitive issues of marital life, while talkshow The Ladder is hosted by popular Yoruba actress Adediwura Blarkgold. Sinima Mi, meanwhile, is about people who make movies.

According to Play general manager Funmi Adenaike, the channel was much anticipated by Play subscribers. “Irawo is one of the many steps we are taking to deliver our brand promise of telling the unique and beautiful Nigerian story to the world,” she said.

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