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ForeMedia unveils Live TV, talent show

London-based African creative media and entertainment company ForeMedia has launched a service called Live TV to enable real-time access to African content around the world.

Hareter Oralusi

Hareter Oralusi, founder and CEO of ForeMedia, said the service gives users a significant degree of control over their content. This is achieved via a virtual experience designed to support high-quality video and sound, making live streaming of TV quicker and simpler.

“With this new feature, content can reach anyone in the world distantly through live streaming, as users are not at any point restricted by geological or size imperatives. From Live TV, users will discover more than they wish for. It is innovatively strong, profoundly viable with all gadgets and operating systems, a solid accomplice in meeting your entertainment needs,” Oralusi said.

Timi Suara, ForeMedia’s head of business operations, said Live TV allows the company to widen the extent of its activities globally while staying faithful to its obligation to allow limitless accessibility to Afrocentric content for all with only a single click.

ForeMedia has also announced an African talent competition dubbed Brains & Talents Afrika (BTA), which will be broadcast live on the service weekly across Africa, Europe and the Americas. Also, the company intends to establish the BTA Academy Awards to recognise and reward African creators and artists.

“At the point when the BTA Academy Awards are communicated across the world, a particularly significant fact will be featured and anybody with passion, drive and determination, paying little mind to their background, can make it in film and video, music and podcasts, video games, publishing, journalism, arts and culture,” Oralusi said.

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