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SA’s Indemnity to debut at Fantasia fest

Jarrid Geduld stars in Indemnity

South African action film Indemnity will have its premiere at the 25th Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, Canada, on August 11.

Directed by South Africa’s Travis Taute (Number 37) and produced by Bradley Joshua and Benjamin Overmeyer for Cape Town-based Gambit Films, the film is in the English and Afrikaans languages.

It is the story of a fireman with a traumatic past, convicted for a crime of which he has no recollection, who is released from prison years later only to discover that he may have been framed.

“There has never been a South African action film made on this scale before,” Joshua said on Instagram.

“Beyond the impressive volume of fight and fire sequences, explosions and driving-related hooks, the entire cast did their own stunts. Spectacular feats aside, the reason you want to see this film is the dramatic intensity it packs, with smart storytelling steeped in paranoid suspense and allegorical urgency, supported by an arsenal of gripping performances from top casts.”

Indemnity is the latest in a line of movies from Gambit Films, the Cape Town production team behind the acclaimed Netflix series Blood & Water. The film stars Jarrid Geduld alongside a cast that also includes Gail Mabalane, Andre Jacobs and Nicole Fortuin

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