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S3 of reality show Teachers Naija in works

The third season of Nigerian reality TV show Teachers Naija is being prepared to launch in September.

Themed The Smart Teacher, the show aims to positively showcase teachers and to increase the value and recognition given to the profession in Nigeria.

The show gives three teachers the opportunity to win about N25m’s worth of prizes, a sponsored trip overseas, a CIEPUK certificate, an African Union volunteer certificate, an endorsement and other prizes.

The show will be broadcast from September 3 to October 2. It is developed by Abuja-based Anub Media and supported by TStv, Topaz Travel & Tours, the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, Nigeria Union of Teachers, the Ministry of Education and ECOSOCC, part of the African Union.

Enuagwuna Ubaka, CEO of Anub Media, said: “I am pleased to announce that Anub Media has successfully organised the second season of the Teachers Naija reality TV show. The second season was full of glamour, entertainment and massive exposure to the teachers. We are proud to say that the show made three millionaire teachers from the second season.

“The show has actually become the voice of teachers in Nigeria. We are reshaping our teachers’ reality show with the ambition to making it the Teachers Rebranding Event of Choice, thus making it a veritable platform showcasing teachers/educators in a positive light.

“We are also increasing the target audience to a broader representation of the education industry with more infusion of edutainment to capture the attention of teachers/academia, non-academic, government, civil society, policy makers, youths, the young school students, parents and relevant stakeholders within and outside the space of learning.”

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