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Dial a Vendor makes plus-size show

Lagos-based online shopping platform Dial a Vendor is set to launch a TV show targeting plus-size women.

Anu Orobosa

You Are Worth It will air twice a month on various TV platforms to more than 10,000 viewers worldwide, according to Dial a Vendor.

Anu Orobosa, Dial a Vendor’s CEO, said during a pre-launch press conference that the aim of the show was to celebrate the plus-size community, with the company hoping to eradicate the stigma curvy people face in society.

The 30-minute programme will feature style tips and makeovers. Individuals who are size 14 and above will have a chance to feature on the show for a makeover, and Dial a Vendor is inviting companies to showcase their products and services via the show.

“Dealers will be given a chance to partner with us to create an unforgettable experience for the lucky contestants while showcasing their brands,” said Orobosa.

Dial a Vendor is yet to disclose the date or TV platforms on which it will begin airing You Are Worth It.

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