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Pidgin English show makes debut

The first season of family comedy talkshow Chop Knuckle with Chriso has hit screens across the country.

Produced in pidgin English, the show focuses on professional comedians, actors and artists.

Chop Knuckle producer and host Chris Iheuwa said: “It is a great opportunity to interact with these professionals and also give them an opportunity and avenue to express themselves freely and comfortably.”

The 12-episode show airs on WazobiaTV on Tuesdays at 20.30, with repeats on WazobiaMax, MyTV, GoTV and StarTimes at 15.00 on Saturdays and 18.00 on Sundays.

So far, 14 Nigerian guests have been featured on the show, including Omowunmi Dada, Frank Donga, Woli Arole, AsiriComedy, Lepacious Bose, Funky Mallam and Abayomi Alvain.

“I trust that fellow artists and sportsmen will leverage this platform to reach out to their fans in a comfortable and grassroots way for easy communication and appreciation,” Iheuwa said.

Iheuwa holds a BA and an MA in theatre arts. He appears in AM Africa series Battleground and has worked on stage productions, TV series, movies and radio spanning a 20-year career.

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