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Nollywood’s Novia turns to TV

One of the most respected producers in Nigeria’s Nollywood film community is venturing into the world of TV by launching the channel Teen Africa Television, reports Gabriella Opara.

Charles Novia at the Teens in the Park event

Charles Osa Igbinovia, better known as Charles Novia, CEO of November Productions, is launching the channel which will air online at the end of November and on cable by April 2018.

Known for his scriptwriting and social commentary and for his essays about controversial issues, Novia aims to air 100% original content aimed at tweens and teens in Africa.

His film production credits include hit classic Nollywood movies such as Alan Poza, Missing Angel, Caught in the Middle and The Bridesmaid.

The channel was unveiled on August 23 at the Teens In the Park event held in Millennium Park in Abuja, Nigeria, where teenagers in the area were given the opportunity to network and showcase their talents.

In a Facebook post, Novia said: “After years of hard work and sleepless nights, with the journey far from over, Teen Africa TV is preparing to launch in a two-phase plan by November.

“I still need money to finish. Make God touch one rich person heart to find me some kuza. Lol. But it’s so much joy to know the dream is now a reality.”

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