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Badmus: Celebrity Housemates is ‘scam’

Actor Eniola Badmus has claimed she has yet to receive any prize money for winning reality TV show Celebrity Housemates.

Eniola Badmus

Badmus called the show “a scam” and said she had not seen any of the N7m (US$19,400) she was due since been crowned the winner in the programme’s finale in February.

“I don’t know what happened,” Badmus said. “But I know that I am the winner of Celebrity Housemates. I won in February and I am yet to get my money. It’s N9m, but I actually promised two charity homes of my choice a million naira each, so I have N7m. I am yet to get it.

“At some point, we heard that the owner of the show absconded but got back into town lately. I guess she has been calling my management, but she has not been saying anything about the money, she has been saying other things.”

She added: “I think it’s a scam, but we will sort it out.”

Celebrity Housemates was organised by Heart Link Ventures and executive produced by its MD, Kemi Otegbade. It was also backed by Fly for Value, Lagos Internal Revenue Service, Dope TV, Masters Entertainment, Royalsec Security and Amen Estate.

Overall, 12 celebrities participated in the show, which began on January 13 and ended on February 6. It aired on networks including Wap TV, Silverbird Television, NTA, TVC Entertainment, DSTV and PRTV. It also aired 24/7 on web channel Dope TV.

The other celebrities who appeared on the show are Emmanuel Ikubese, Yomi Fash Lanso, Funky Mallam, Doris Simeon, Ruggedman, Muma Gee, Ada Ameh, Jaywon, Bolanle Ninalowo, Ogenna Ekwubiri and Frederick Leonard.

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Duo exit Celebrity Housemates

Muma Gee and Jaywon

Two Celebrity Housemates (CHM) participants have left the reality TV show following the latest round of evictions.

The third week of CHM saw contestants begging for votes from the public in order to continue their stay in the reality show.

On the eviction day, five contestants faced possible eviction: Yomi Fash Lanso, Jaywon, Muma Gee, Frederick Leonard and Eniola Badmus.

Badmus was the first to be saved from the chop by the number of votes she gained from viewers. Lanso and Leonard were also saved by public votes.

That left the two evictees – Muma Gee and Jaywon – with 60 seconds to say their goodbyes, whereupon they were asked to exit the house.

After his eviction, Jaywon said: “I used to believe I knew it all. I wasn’t used to doing house chores before the show – I can’t even remember the last time I washed my clothes before Celebrity Housemates. Being here taught me to do these things. Now, it’s like an exercise routine for me.

“I started getting tired of the house the day Ada Ameh was evicted, because she was my closest companion. She [treated] me like a brother and son and was always there for me. I remember when I was down in the house, Ada Ameh brought me medications and also brought tea to me every morning and night to ensure I was OK.

“What made it worse was that she got evicted the same day Funky Mallam got booted out too, and Funky Mallam was my roommate. Ever since, leaving the house was no longer going to hit me or shock me anymore.”

Muma Gee, meanwhile, was full of praise for fellow housemate Leonard: “It was a very good opportunity for me to even meet with someone who understands the real me, and could let me out of my shell with his intelligence and maturity. I had never met Frederick before the show and when I met him, it was like a new wine and life entirely for me.”

However, she questioned the authenticity of some of the show’s other participants: “Some of them were living a fake life in the house, all in the name of winning the grand prize. But I lived my life like I always do. It was a very great experience and opportunity for me to learn a lot even from some of the guests who came to talk to us.”

Badmus was nominated as the new house captain after competing with Doris Simeon for the role. Although she seemed very reluctant to take the baton from Ruggedman, she later took control, stating that she would supervise all the chores that needed to be done in the house.

Celebrity Housemates airs 24 hours a day on Dope TV. It also airs weekdays on WAP TV at 21.00; Silverbird Television at 20.30; NTA at 17.30; TVC Entertainment at 23.30; and PRTV at 22.30.

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Badmus takes Housemates prize

Actress Eniola Badmus has emerged as the first winner of reality show Celebrity Housemates.

Eniola Badmus

Since the show began on January 13, Badmus has been nominated for eviction numerous times but was always saved by getting the highest number of votes, consecutively.

Badmus was named winner about a week after two other housemates – Doris Simeon and Frederick Leonard – were evicted. She was the first participant to be unanimously voted in as head of house.

After winning the show, Badmus took to her Instagram to express her gratitude to her supporters. “I have been completely overwhelmed by the love and support I have received this past weeks on the show,” she said.

As an actress, Badmus has appeared in numerous films in both Yoruba and English.

Celebrity Housemates aims to promote the themes of unity and peace using “a convergence of culture, lifestyle and entertainment.” It watches as 12 celebrities live together in a mansion for 30 days to compete for a N7m cash prize and endorsement deals.

The show aired 24 hours a day on Dope TV. It also aired weekdays on WAP TV at 21.00; Silverbird Television at 20.30; NTA at 17.30; TVC Entertainment at 23.30; and PRTV at 22.30.

The celebs included Emmanuel Ikubese, Yomi Fash Lanso, Funky Mallam, Doris Simeon, Ruggedman, Muma Gee, Ada Ameh, Jaywon, Eniola Badmus, Bolanle Ninalowo, Ogenna Ekwubiri and Frederick Leonard.

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Celebrity Housemates trio evicted

Celebrity Housemates features participants from across Nigeria

Three participants were evicted from Nigerian reality TV show Celebrity Housemates earlier this week.

Six contestants – Frederick Leonard, Muma Gee, Ada Ameh, Junior Pope, Funky Mallam and Ogenna Okwubiri – were nominated for eviction by their fellow housemates and could only be saved by votes from viewers.

Ameh, Okwubiri and Mallam emerged with the fewest public votes, ensuring their eviction from the house.

Ameh said her eviction did not come as a surprise: “I knew it was 50/50 the moment I was nominated for eviction, but I never imagined it would happen so fast, because I was so real and already started building a family in the house.

“I love all the contestants and I believe it was a game in which some people will go and some will remain but only one winner will emerge. Be it as it may, I don’t have any regrets participating. I also thank the organisers for counting me worthy to be among the invited celebrities to premiere the reality TV show.”

To Mallam, it was a blessing in disguise: “I think I was evicted because I am planning for my wedding this month, and maybe my fellow housemates think I need some time to plan a very good gig or the organisers felt it would be hard to release me from the house for a whole three days, missing out on the games and all other activities, and hence decided to boot me out of the house. But in all, it was an unforgettable experience all the way.”

An emotional Ogenna Okwubiri, meanwhile, believed she was evicted because she couldn’t live a ‘two-sided life’ – unlike other celebrities in the house, she doesn’t act and had never previously taken part in a reality show, she said.

“Thank you, Celebrity Housemates, it was an amazing experience,” she said. “I’m glad to be among the worthy participants. I’m going to miss the fun, the noise, the laughs. This last week has recorded the biggest laugh of my life. I never even knew I could laugh as much as I did, but bringing people of different backgrounds and social beliefs together under a roof can sometimes bring out the best out of you.”

Week two of Celebrity Housemates had Dj Bellcheque visit the house to party with the remaining contestants, in keeping with the promise of the organisers to invite other celebrities to mingle with the housemates each week.

Celebrity Housemates airs weekdays on WAP TV, DSTV channel 252, at 21.00; Silverbird Television, DSTV channel 252, at 20.30; NTA at 17.30; TVC Entertainment, DSTV channel 418, at 23.30; and PRTV at 22.30. It also airs 24 hours a day on Dope TV.

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Celebs visit Housemates mansion

Nigerian comedian Alibaba Akpobome and celebrated journalist Dele Momodu have visited the mansion of the Celebrity Housemates reality TV show.

Alibaba Akpobome and Dele Momodu visit Celebrity Housemates

Keeping their promise of having other celebrities interact with contestants of the show, the producers of Celebrity Housemates had the comedian and the CEO of Ovation Magazine, Ovation TV and online newspaper The Boss grace the mansion with their presence.

Alibaba paid a visit to the housemates on January 17th, day 6 of the reality show. He shared funny anecdotes and stories of experiences he has had, and he also had contestants tell him what Nigerian dishes they could prepare.

According to a post on the Facebook page of Celebrity Housemates, Momodu visited the mansion on Friday January 19, acting as a guest speaker and a mentor to the housemates.

After competing for the role with fellow housemate Funky Mallam, rapper Ruggedman was selected to be the house captain few days after the TV show launched.

Over last weekend, a party was held at the house to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria. Each contestant geared up in their traditional attire and showed off their native dance steps.

No eviction has taken place yet.

Celebrity Housemates airs every weekday on various TV channels including Wap TV, Silverbird Television, NTA, TVC Entertainment, DSTV and PRTV. It also airs 24/7 on web channel Dope TV.

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Celebs line up for reality show

A new Nigerian reality TV show, Celebrity Housemates, is set to launch on January 12 and air until February 11.

Celebrity Housemates will feature participants from across Nigeria

Described by its producers as the “convergence of culture, lifestyle and entertainment,” the reality show will have 12 celeb housemates from different sectors of the entertainment industry competing for a cash prize of N7m.

Promoting peace and unity, Celebrity Housemates will feature contestants from the six regions of Nigeria to showcase the nation’s strengths. The reality show is set to air around the clock online and will also include a one-hour daily show on TV nationwide.

The show’s broadcasters are yet to be announced but producers said it will air on 14 stations across Nigeria, plus via Dope TV, a dedicated YouTube channel and a mobile app.

The celebrity contestants will include Emmanuel Ikubese, Yomi Fash Lanso, Funky Mallam, Doris Simeon, Ruggedman, Muma Gee, Ada Ameh, Peggy Ovire, Eniola Badmus, Bolanle Ninalowo, Ogenna Ekwubiri and Frederick Leonard.

Sponsored by travel agent Fly for Value, Lagos Internal Revenue Service, Dope TV, Masters Entertainment, Royalsec Security and Amen Estate, the show is put together by Lagos-based management consultancy Heartlink Ventures.

The 30-day series will involve daily tasks and challenges, focusing on lifestyle, interpretation of culture, education and games. Other celebrities will visit the contestants weekly to share entrepreneurial and career-oriented ideas on whatever project they have in mind.

The contestant who wins the fewest viewer votes each week will be evicted. Every weekend, a party will be held to celebrate the end of the week and other guest stars will be brought in to celebrate with contestants.

The winner of the prize money will donate N2m to charity and N1m to selected viewers. Other contestants will go home with cash prizes too.

Kemi Otegbade, MD of Heartlink and executive producer of the series, said: “We are using this show to converge the Nigerian cultural values with the ideal lifestyle of celebrities and entertain Nigerians in an educating and exciting way.

“We have been working on the format and I can assure Nigerians of an engaging and exciting experience on television and online. We can also confirm it will be an annual event,” Otegbade added.

The team behind the show includes Danladi Bako, as co-executive producer, and Sola Fajobi, as consulting producer, with an advisory board comprising media execs such as Mayor Akinpelu, Funke Egbemode and Jahman Oladejo.

“Our celebrities are normal human beings. Although their fans adore them and grant them a larger-than-life perception, it is imperative that we create a platform for their fans to connect, engage and get a peep into their lifestyles, hence the creation of the reality TV show,” added a representative of Fly for Value.

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