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Nigeria’s Vortex signs pact with Emagine

The Zodiac

Nigerian creative content and entertainment company Vortex Corp has signed a production deal with Los Angeles-based production outfit Emagine Content.

Under the deal, Emagine Content will adapt Vortex’s catalogue of African superhero comics for film and TV.

Vortex’s titles are rooted in traditional African culture, mythology and spiritual heritage. They include Land of Gods, the fantasy story about a student who journeys into a mysterious land, and The Zodiac, about the Dogon tribe of Mali who discover the sacred scroll of Timbuktu which gifts children mystical powers.

Other African titles include Black Hole, following a curious 12-year-old who accidentally launches himself into space with his dad, and Local Champions, the story of goofy fun-loving heroes who go about their daily routines and wacky adventures.

Announcing the Emagine deal on Instagram, the Lagos-based firm said: “We are excited to be developing some of our comic titles for TV in partnership with Emagine Content. It’s really inspiring taking these pages and panels from the comic into moving pictures.”

The Vortex agreement comes soon after Emagine signed a pact last June with Nigeria’s Comic Republic, Africa’s largest publisher of independent comic books, and US-based JackieBoy Entertainment to turn Comic Republic title Ireti into a feature film.

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