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Nigerian cartoon goes global

Bino & Fino is distributed by Edutainment Licensing

Nigerian cartoon Bino & Fino, created by local animation studio EVCL’s director Adamu Waziri, has been licensed in countries around the world.

Picked up for global distribution by UK-based Edutainment Licensing late last year, the series is now available in 15 countries, including the US, the UK and parts of Europe.

The 2D educational preschool show can be seen via YouTube as well as on kids’ streamer Hopster, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ in-flight service, Dutch kids’ channel Pebble TV and US university and library streaming service Kanopy.

Waziri, who developed the toon after discovering that most Nigerian children watch foreign shows, said the series aims to promote African stories globally.

Bino & Fino follows the adventures of the titular Nigerian siblings as they learn about African food, animals, countries, languages, instruments, geography and folk tales.

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Edutainment to shop Nigerian toon

Bino & Fino is aimed at two- to six-year-olds

UK-based distributor Edutainment Licensing has secured global sales rights to a children’s 2D animated series from Nigerian production company EVCL.

Bino & Fino follows the adventures of a brother and sister from Nigeria as they learn about African food, animals, countries, languages, instruments, geography and folk tales.

The series aims to educate and entertain children aged between two and six, and is available in English, French, Portuguese, German and Dutch as well as African languages including Yoruba, Swahili, Igbo, Hausa and Twi.

Ibrahim Waziri, head of business development at EVCL, said: “Digital distribution has opened up a world of educational children’s shows that you wouldn’t typically find on a larger global children’s network but there is demand for. We are looking forward to working with Edutainment licensing to bring Bino & Fino to more children around the world.”

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Studio EVCL sets up TVoD service

Nigerian animation studio EVCL is set to launch an online platform for its original children’s programming, headlined by its African culture show Bino & Fino.

Ammarra will offer dubbed versions of Bino & Fino

Ammarra will be an independent streaming service featuring dubbed versions of Bino & Fino, as well as new episodes of the show and pilot episodes of other projects in development at EVCL.

It will initially be set up as a transactional VoD service on October 18 and change to a subscription VoD model later, Adamu Waziri, director of EVCL and creator of Bino & Fino, told C21.

Bino & Fino follows the adventures of a brother and sister from Nigeria as each day brings something new for them to learn, be it an African dish, an animal, a country, a word in an African language, a musical instrument, African geography or a folk tale.

Though the platform will mainly focus on animated and live-action content, there will also be additional supporting educational resources available.

“It is obvious there is a need for African children’s content. We needed a home for the type of content that wouldn’t typically find a home on the larger global children’s networks but we know there is demand for,” said Waziri.

“We also feel there could be a different way of delivering children’s content to children, parents and educators. Some of the larger networks will start commissioning or licensing such content eventually, but until then, the audience that needs it can’t and shouldn’t be kept waiting. It is definitely a massive risk for many obvious reasons but we’re determined to enjoy the journey.”

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