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Discop gets ready for Lagos

Discop plans to follow next year’s market at Abidjan in Ivory Coast, where the first edition of the knowledge-transfer and matchmaking programme Discore will be held, with a launch in Lagos in 2019, reports Abraham Osemwenkhae.

The event’s organisers are looking to focus on the booming industry in Nigeria, the world’s fastest-growing entertainment market over the next five years, as predicted by PricewaterhouseCoopers recently.

Discop Lagos will have its own personality, format and agenda. Cross-cultural bridges will be built between this new market and the ones in Abidjan, Dubai and Johannesburg. Identical research, promotional, meeting organisation and travel planning services will be provided to all delegates ahead of each market.

Patrick Zuchowicki

While recession has hobbled the Nigerian economy for much of the past year, forecasts predict continued growth for Africa’s entertainment marketplace. “Within the next five years, the Sub-Saharan African marketplace is expected to grow by 35% and become the fastest-growing world region for entertainment content business,” said Patrick Zuchowicki, general manager of business event organisers Basic Lead.

That growth will be driven by “original, multi-platform entertainment content produced in Africa, reinforced trade between Sub-Saharan African countries and intra-regional coproduction initiatives. People from Nigeria are not going to go to Sweden to sell their content – they’re going to stay in Africa. That’s where their prime market is,” said Zuchowicki.

Nigeria was the first country to take centre-stage at Johannesburg-based Discop Africa in November 2013. A range of dedicated events, screenings and conference tracks took place to mark the 20th anniversary of Nollywood, which highlighted the rapid growth in the Nigerian movie industry.

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Discop 2022 to take place in Kigali

Pan-African content distribution and coproduction market Discop is slated to hold its 26th edition in Rwanda at the end of November.

Patrick Zuchowicki

The three-day event will run from November 29 to December 1 at the Kigali Convention Centre bring together more than 500 participants from 40-plus countries.

They will comprise representatives of broadcasters, pay TV services, mobile operators, OTT and gaming platforms, app developers, content producers, entertainment and sports rights holders, brands and marketers driving media in sub-Saharan Africa.

The event will reflect Rwanda’s ambition to become a major industry hub, unveil a wide selection of programming from Africa, show the growing relations between Africa and the Middle East and facilitate coproduction opportunities between Anglophone and Francophone Africa, as well as reveal how buyers reflect new business trends across the continent.

There will also be roundtable discussions, hands-on workshops, showcasing of upcoming feature films and TV shows produced in Africa and world premieres. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn more about the talent, expertise, locations and financial assistance they can expect locally.

Patrick Zuchowicki, president and founder of Discop, said: “Big cracks forming in the global distribution and production industries impact countless aspects of markets such as Discop. Identifying leads and planning relevant and more focused meetings is key to our survival.”

According to the organisers, a new educational and networking programme tagged DiscoSport will also premiere in Kigali, focusing on electronic sports and ways to engage video gamers and esports fans through live and on-screen experiences. It will spotlight tactics to create esports esports content and derive new revenues through purpose-driven merchandising.

“We are excited about the prospect of adding to Discop an indispensable ‘one-stop programme’ that will help create memorable esports competitions; produce, package and distribute compelling esports content for multi-screen audiences; and deliver measurable results to sponsors and advertisers,” added Sherri Burnett, sales and marketing executive of event organiser Basic Lead.

To register to be a part of the event, click here.

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Nigerian TV firms bound for Discop

A number of Nigerian television companies are set to attend the Discop event scheduled to take place in Johannesburg, South Africa next month.

Crey Ahanonu

Discop Johannesburg runs between November 14 and 16 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. It will include several events that will bring innovative ideas, fresh talent and industry experts together.

There will be over 1,500 participants including 1,000-plus acquisition, production and distribution executives from 70 countries, according to Discop organiser Basic Lead.

Also in attendance will be about 250 producers of film, television and digital content, adaptation rights and packaged TV channels, including international, regional and local suppliers. There will be a wide display of movies, TV series, documentaries, animated content and dramas by these firms.

Nigerian firms at the event will include Lagos-based Basement Animation, Screen Academy & Films, Black Studios, Dope7 Media and Shutterspeed Projects.

Crey Ahanonu, CEO of Screen Academy & Films (aka SAF Productions), said: “We stand to gain a lot at this event. It will give us the opportunity to meet with content buyers and discuss filmmaking and online TV. We hope to promote our online TV service, MySafTV.”

This Enugu-based company creates an avenue to teach and empower the young and old who wish to be in the movie industry through its film academy. The company also engages in video production, films, TV shows, commercials and documentaries.

Discop Johannesburg will allow for networking opportunities between content buyers, sellers and producers, screenings of upcoming TV, web shows and movies and also sessions for discussion on topics related to innovation, coproduction relations and pitching competitions.

The conference agenda for the event includes a panel on Nigeria’s animation, comic books and video gaming industry on November 16.

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