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iSat, Azercosmos to offer satellite TV

Internet service provider iSat Africa has partnered with South Caucasus satellite provider Azercosmos to provide satellite telecoms and TV services in various parts of Africa.

Mark Guthrie

Under the agreement, iSat Africa will make use of Azerbaijan-based Azercosmos’ services – including OTT using terrestrial and satellite technologies – to meet the growing demand for telecoms in parts of Africa that can’t be served using terrestrial, via the resources of the Azerspace-2 satellite.

The capacity of the satellite will be used to provide satellite solutions, in addition to data and video services provided to 90% of the continent.

Canadian company Prime African Media Systems will also broadcast Asian channel ATN TV in West Africa using the Azerspace-2 satellite, and United Arab Emirates-based HorizonSat plans to provide data services to customers in the Middle East and North Africa via the Azerspace-1 satellite.

Mark Guthrie, chief commercial officer at Azercosmos, said: “This cooperation will allow us to use the capabilities of the Azerspace-2 satellite even in the most remote areas of Africa.”

In June, Azercosmos signed a broadcast partnership agreement with Space Engineering, which provides telecom and internet services in African. Mwangaza TV and Radio will also be broadcast in Kenya via the Azerspace-1 satellite.

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