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Pay platform TSTV resumes service

Indigenous pay TV platform Telcom Satellite Television (TSTV) has resumed operations, after apparently winning what the company’s CEO described as “war” with “our enemies”.

Bright Echefu

Bright Echefu, CEO of the company, recently announced that the pay TV network is now active and ready to begin broadcasting operations. This announcement comes almost a year after its launch in November 2017.

According to Echefu, the company’s hiatus was necessary due to events that occurred after its launch, causing a host of issues to be dealt with. He stated that since TSTV announced its launch in 2017, the company has faced much opposition from what Echefu called “our enemies”.

“From the date we announced TSTV, it has been fight all the way. I doubt if a week passed without us quenching one fire or the other. We didn’t anticipate that there would be war. We were also not trained to fight in the arena we were pushed into,” said Echefu.

In order to get back on track, TSTV has partnered with Nigeria Communication Satellite (NigComSat) to offer its subscribers premium content via 45 HD channels, which will be available free for a month.

“With our successful acquisition of five units of 35.5MHz transponders last two weeks on NigComSat – through our collaboration with Intertel, Federal Ministry of Communications and NigComSat – TSTV can now offer Nigerians the true meaning of video entertainment.

“Our TSTV has successfully migrated to Nigeria Communication Satellite. All channels in full HD. No one does that. More channels are being added daily,” Echefu added.

The channels presently available for free can be accessed on any satellite dish, according to the company.

“TSTV management, in appreciation to everyone, has decided that 45 TSTV premium HD channels will be available for free for another one month as we don’t intend to encrypt the channels now. You can use any dish at all, including the ones you are using for other operators, to track NigComSat today and let’s enjoy premium entertainment together.

TSTV also aims to launch the pay-as-you-use initiative but not much has been disclosed concerning that.

Asides from its partnership with NigComSat, TSTV also has a multi-transponder agreement with Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS), which will deliver a direct-to-home (DTH) broadcast service into Nigeria on satellite ABS-3A.

Speaking about this, Echefu stated: “We are excited to partner with ABS in delivering an array of high-quality programming. Our vision is to provide premium video experience to Nigerians at affordable prices.

“Our services will enable the viewers to experience HD and SD video and internet surfing at the same time. We are the first indigenous local operator in the region to launch such a premium platform with a variety of services to Nigerians, who have been so far paying exorbitant prices to foreign operators,” he concluded.

Also commenting on the partnership, Tom Choi, founder of ABS, said: “The addition of the Nigeria DTH platform from TSTV has undoubtedly strengthened ABS’s presence in Africa.”

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