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BEN TV founder to run for president

Ali Soyode, founder of European ethnic satellite channel BEN TV, has declared his ambition to run for president in the 2019 Nigerian elections.

Ali Soyode

Soyode, convener of YES Nigeria, said his mission is to empower youth, develop the economy, make tribalism extinct and ensure the armed forces and police have the resources they need.

“To me, police officers are as important as any officer or executive in Nigeria. Their job is not to protect only those that have the resources to hire private security officers, but to deal with anyone breaking the law and safeguarding the property and belongings of the common people,” he said.

Addressing dignitaries, well-wishers, YES stakeholders and the press, Soyode, who is also known as The Bridge, said he chose to run for the office after deliberating and discussing it with elders and young people in his community.

“We have the youth and the experience of our elders and both are needed to make Nigeria a greater nation,” he said.

Soyode is the founder and former CEO of BEN TV. Launched in 2003 on Sky (channel 175), BEN (Bright Entertainment Network) TV focuses on creating content for Africans in the diaspora.

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