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Silverbird lines up AfriDocs migration films

Nigeria’s Silverbird TV is to air a series of migration- and immigration-focused films that were originally launched by free documentary streamer AfriDocs.


When Paul Came Over the Sea, My Escape, Days of Hope, Revenir, Those Who Jump and Aji Bi, Under the Clock Tower will all air on Silverbird over the next two weekends.

AfriDocs has made the films available with support from the German Foreign Office in order to reach out to migrants and all those interested in migration so that they can be well informed and make better decisions.

Told from an African perspective, the docs have already aired across the continent,  opening up debate around the traditional narrative surrounding migration.

When Paul Came Over the Sea will air tomorrow. It follows a man named Paul’s attempt to cross the Mediterranean and enter Germany, highlighting the obstacles he faces along the way. It also sees filmmaker Jakob Preuss having to choose between his duties as a documentarian and helping Paul achieve his goal.

Elke Sasse’s My Escape will also air tomorrow. The film focuses on how refugees use mobile phones to aid their journey. It also features footage showing of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea trying to escape in a broken boat, leading to their rescue by another boat.

Days of Hope, from Dittte Haarlov Johnsen, will air on Sunday. The doc brings together the stories of three immigrants travelling from Africa to Europe.

The other three films will air next weekend. Playing on Saturday January 26 will be Revenir (Return). The doc is a joint effort between filmmaker David Fedele and Ivory Coast-born political refugee Kumut Imesh, who lives in France. It sees Imesh retrace his journey to Europe, 10 years after he originally completed it.

Those Who Jump, by Moritz Sebert, will air on the same Saturday. This film tells the story of African migrants hoping to get into Spain from Morocco.

Aji Bi, Under the Clock Tower, from Raja Saddiki, will play next Sunday. It follows a small community of Senegalese women who live and work in Casablanca, showing their struggle to survive in Morocco and their attempts to cross to Europe.

All these films can already be streamed on AfriDocs, which is touted as the only free streaming platform in Africa that offers documentaries focused on the African voice.

Viewers are encouraged to share any experience they may have regarding migration via social media, using the hashtag #MigrantStories.

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