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AMC’s Nolly Africa HD lands on Cineverse

International pay TV network African Movie Channel (AMC) and streaming platform Cineverse have partnered to premiere the former’s 24-hour FAST channel Nolly Africa HD on the latter’s streaming platform.

Nolly Africa HD is now accessible on Cineverse in the US and Canada through its mobile app, as well as on streaming media platform Roku. Additionally, it is available on various smart TV platforms, including Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Vizio and Samsung.

Yinka Mayungbo, AMC’s founding director, said: “Arriving on Cineverse represents another big milestone in our quest for ubiquity of our premium FAST Nollywood channel. African Movie Channel remains committed to revolutionising the entertainment landscape by delivering top-tier Nollywood content beyond Africa. Nolly Africa HD is not only for Nollywood lovers, but also for African culture fans with a love for Africa and things African.”

Nolly Africa HD showcases a diverse selection of exclusive movies from AMC’s original productions division along with blockbuster films from Nollywood cinema. The channel covers a wide range of genres, including crime thrillers, drama, romance, action and comedy.

AMC operates three 24-hour linear channels – AMC, AMC Series and Nolly Africa – all offered on various TV platforms across the African continent and beyond. Nolly Africa HD is wholly owned and powered by African Movie Channel UK.

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Nolly Africa HD debuts on Plex

Free, ad-supported streaming TV channel Nolly Africa HD, owned by international Nollywood broadcaster African Movie Channel (AMC), is now streaming on global entertainment platform Plex.

The 24-hour premium channel airs curated English-language Nollywood movies as well as African TV series, talkshows, reality series, crime thrillers, dramas and more.

The collaboration between Nolly Africa HD and Plex was made possible by a joint distribution agreement with Amagi, a cloud-based company in the connected TV and broadcast industries.

AMC founding director Yinka Mayungbo said: “AMC has always strived to be the leading Nollywood entertainment provider and we continue to achieve this through notable expansion. We are honoured to announce Plex as our newest partner. We are proud of our reputation for producing truly authentic Nollywood programming and are delighted that our stories are now available to Plex’s audiences.”

Shawn Eldridge, VP of business development and content at Plex, added: “We’re excited to partner with African Movie Channel to bring Nollywood entertainment to our growing Plex audience.”

Nolly Africa HD now airs on the Plex mobile app, free-to-stream website and the Plex app, which is available on several streaming platforms, including Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and smart TVs.

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AMC Movie Talk set for fifth season

Talkshow AMC Movie Talk is returning for a fifth season on international Nollywood broadcaster African Movie Channel.

Simi Drey

The show will be hosted by British-Nigerian actor, model and TV and radio host Simi Drey, as well as other Nollywood A-listers.

According the the channel, AMC Movie Talk tells the audience everything they need to know about Nollywood, including blockbuster movies, TV series and reality productions.

It will also feature producers, actors, directors and other key Nollywood and African entertainment industry stakeholders, providing insights into their personal and professional lives.

In addition, the new season will include new segments, from prank calls to trivia question rounds and a rapid-fire segment, along with other fan-favourite games.

Among the Nollywood stars who will feature are Mike Afolarin from Netflix’s Far From Home, Nigerian actor Tobi Bakre, international actor and TV host Joselyn Dumas, actor Tobi Makinde, British-Nigerian actor Eku Edewor and producer Blessing Effiom Egbe.

AMC Movie Talk airs every Wednesday on AMC Series. Other channels operated by AMC include AMC HD and FAST channel Nolly Africa HD, which is distributed via 20 FAST and connected TV platforms.

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AMC’s Nolly Africa HD debuts on DistroTV

African Movie Channel (AMC) and video-as-a-service platform DistroScale have partnered to premiere the former’s 24-hour free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channel Nolly Africa HD on the latter’s DistroTV platform.

Nolly Africa HD will show English-language Nollywood movies, series, talkshows and reality programmes and will be broadcast on Nigeria’s Free TV on channel 722; the Airtel TV platform in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Nigeria; Freeview UK channel 271; Kapang channel 520 in the UK and US; and also on DistroTV channel 413.

Navdeep Saini

AMC director Yinka Mayungbo said: “Nolly Africa HD is not your typical quick and cobbled-together FAST channel, it was built the AMC way. Like our two premium pay TV channels, AMC and AMC Series, Nolly Africa HD is sleek, polished and, of course, premium television, and it’s HD. We are delighted to partner with DistroTV, one of the most prominent players in the FAST space, to bring the magnetising world of Nollywood to the homes of millions.”

Navdeep Saini, co-founder and CEO of DistroScale, said: “With now more than 200 channels in our content library, we are on a mission at DistroTV to provide engaging, stimulating, entertaining content that appeals to our diverse and growing audience. As a part of our latest regional channel bundle, Nolly Africa HD does just that. We are thrilled to welcome them to the DistroTV family and look forward to continuing to expand our viewership to new regions as we grow and evolve.”

DistroTV, operated by parent company DistroScale, is available for free across a wide array of connected TV and mobile devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google TV, LG TV, Samsung TV, Sony TV, iOS, and Android, as well as on the DistroTV website.

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AMC debuts on UK’s Freeview

Africa- and UK-based broadcaster African Movie Channel (AMC) has debuted its flagship channel on the UK’s Freeview television platform.

This launch is via OTT tech company Channelbox on Freeview channel 271 and makes AMC the first Nollywood channel ever to be distributed on the UK’s Freeview platform, according to AMC.

AMC showcases Nollywood movies, along with films from elsewhere in Africa. They include AMC’s own movies from its own production division, AMC Original Productions (AMCOP), and cinema blockbusters for the family.

AMC and sister channel AMC Series are distributed all over sub-Saharan Africa on platforms including StarTimes, StarSat, TopStar, Azam TV, Zuku and Airtel TV. They offer a selection of Africa’s most successful and critically acclaimed movies, TV series, reality productions, talkshows, magazine shows and other shortform content.

Yinka Mayungbo, AMC’s founding director, said: “We launched the first ever Nollywood channel in Europe in 2006. 14 years later, we are back – in time for Lockdown 3! Here’s wishing our audience in Blighty good cheer and a brilliant time watching their favourite Nollywood stars on AMC.”

Tanya Kronfli, business development director at Channelbox, added: “Channelbox has established itself as a unique and innovative OTT platform delivering TV channels from all over the world to UK TV screens using OTT technology. We are beyond excited to be the first TV platform in the UK to host African Movie Channel and deliver premium Nollywood content to UK audiences.”

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Nollywood channels head to Guyana

E-Networks, a cable and satellite television provider based in Georgetown, Guyana, has added two Nollywood channels to its pay TV line-up.

The new additions are African Movie Channel (AMC) HD and AMC Series, which will offer E-Networks subscribers access to movies and series from Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

Nadia Bulkan, chief operating officer at E-Networks, said: “We’re thrilled to be adding AMC Movies and AMC Series to E-Networks’ channel line-up. Our viewers have been requesting African and Nollywood content and we are proud to provide exceptional entertainment to suit every subscriber. We have no doubt that these channels will deliver the best of Nollywood content to our customers.”

AMC’s founding director and CEO Yinka Mayungbo added: “We are delighted to partner with E-Networks, Guyana’s leading TV network, to bring our channels showcasing premium Nollywood and African content, and positive narratives of Africa, to Guyana.

“We already know from our VoD days that a significant audience for our beautiful Nollywood and African stories exist in Guyana, and we hope to further bridge the gap between cultures with this partnership.”

AMC Movies and AMC Series can be watched on E-Networks services DreamTV Wireless (channels 206 & 192), DreamTV Satellite (76 & 69), and DreamTV Fiber and DreamTV Mobile (554 & 555).

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AMC Series relaunches on StarTimes

International pay TV operator StarTimes and UK-based broadcaster African Movie Channel (AMC) have signed a deal that will bring back African Movie Channel Series (AMC Series) to the StarTimes DTT and DTH African platforms.

The agreement marks AMC Series’ return to StarTimes after it was removed last year. As the second premium channel from AMC, it complements the flagship AMC network, which has been on StarTimes DTT and DTH since 2012.

AMC Series is a premium 24-hour African entertainment channel featuring soaps, comedy, drama, Nollywood and African TV programming for the family.

Anona Langa, AMC’s head of productions and channel manager for AMC Series, said: “AMC Series has always satisfied the growing appetite for African TV serial and short content, and with its new look, including the injection of some exciting exclusive content from our very own production hub, AMCOP, we are sure to thrill current viewers.”

In addition, StarTimes subscribers will be offered action series such as Oghenekome, AMC in-house productions like AMC Movie Talk, The Hangout, AMC Music Lounge and Nollywood 360, as well as future programming including sitcoms, comedies and entertainment shows.

Yinka Mayungbo, founding director of AMC, said of the network’s return: “The relaunch of AMC Series on StarTimes comes with a promise to our StarTimes audience that the channel is back to stay. We heard the outcry that ensued following AMC Series’ departure in August last year. We are thoroughly delighted to be back, and this time for good.”

Lily Meng, deputy general manager of StarTimes Media Division, said: “StarTimes welcome all old friends like AMC to create better cooperation together in response to the expectation and requirement from our audiences. As an Africa-oriented media company, we trust that the joint effort put into local content will further facilitate the development of African culture.”

An Africa-wide broadcaster, with its services playing out of the UK and with offices in London and Lagos, AMC operates three 24-hour linear channels, the third being Nolly Africa, all offered on various TV platforms across Africa.

AMC Series is available on StarTimes DTT channel 017, and DTH channel 184.

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African Movie Channel starts production

International pay TV operator African Movie Channel has set up an in-house production division to develop and produce more of its own movies and TV series.

African Movie Channel Original Productions (AMCOP) will focus on African storytelling by home-grown talent and will leverage its existing relationships with prominent Nigerian producers, the company said.

AMCOP is aiming to add more than 20 exclusively owned movies to its library before the end of 2018 and is working with filmmakers including Jade Osiberu, Paul Igwe, Ola Producer, Ema Edosio and Daniel Oriahi. The first AMCOP product is set to begin airing on African Movie Channel in December.

As well as African Movie Channel, the company also runs the AMC Series and Nolly Africa networks. It started producing programmes in 2016, with titles including AMC Movie Talk, Nollywood 360, Screen Patrol and Bloggers Round Table. It produced its first drama series, Asunder, last December.

“As a global player, it has always been important that the content we create is of superior quality, and we have made sure we partnered with filmmakers and actors who are of the highest calibre to join us on this journey,” said Yvonne Dublin-Green, African Movie Channel’s head of channels.

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